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Improve environment, health, and safety in the workplace with Lumiform's EHS Audit Software.

Improve Environment, Health, and Safety in the workplace with a digital tool

Improve quality & safety with an EHS Software

Improve quality & safety with an EHS Software

Conduct standardized inspections and uncover more issues. With Lumiform’s EHS Audit Software, you solve issues up to 4 times quicker by assigning corrective actions to your teammates and solving problems together. Gain real-time visibility of all issues and inspections, to prevent incidents in advance and achieve higher safety and quality standards.

Prevent injuries and reduce risks in the workplace

Prevent injuries and reduce risks in the workplace

By conducting standardized checks with Lumiform’s EHS Audit Software, you can identify risks faster and reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum. In-depth analysis of all collected data further helps to identify risks at an early stage and thus prevent accidents before they occur.

Conduct inspections up to 33% quicker

Conduct inspections up to 33% quicker

Guide inspectors through all checks and give clear instructions corrective actions and next steps by using predefined logic. By standardizing EHS inspections, analyzing all data in a snap and identifying areas that need your attention much faster, you decrease documentation time by up to 33%.

Improve environment, health, and safety with an EHS Software

Get a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the field. Analyze historical and real-time data and see which checks are completed, overdue, which items failed or which issues have not yet been resolved.

Create custom forms within minutes. Organise inspections to make sure the right person does all the checklists reliably.

Create forms

Conduct audits and inspections whether with a tablet or smartphone, Android or iOS – online or offline.

Conduct via App

Make sure all issues are quickly reported and seamlessly documented. Keep track of the troubleshooting, and solve issues together as a team.

Solve Issues

Don’t waste time on post-processing and digitisation of audit and inspection reports – everything is fully automated. Uncover areas that need your attention through in-depth analyses.

Results, Reports and Analyses
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The Lumiform flow

Digitise all quality and safety efforts, and cut down inspection time, with the Lumiform app. And, even more importantly, continuously optimise your quality and safety operations easily, with the Lumiform flow.

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Featured templates

EHS Audit Checklist Template

EHS Audit Checklist Template

Use this Environment Health and Safety Audit to conduct a visual inspection of the workplace. Check the general safety of the site. See template

Job Hazard Analysis Template

Job Hazard Analysis Template

Use this comprehensive template to perform a detailed Job Safety Analysis at your workplace. See template

Health and Safety Checklist Template

Health and Safety Checklist Template

Identify general weekly hazards and keep your workspace safe at all times with this health and safety checklist template. See template

Manage health and safety in your company with the EHS Audit Software

The EHS Audit Software is a mobile tool that helps manage and optimize environment, health, and safety inspections in the workplace. It allows employees to obtain accurate data and visibility of hazards and risks in real-time.

Any risk to employee health or safety is quickly detected. With Lumiform's safety software, you ensure that all employees work in a safe environment with a 100% digital tool. The application even allows you to go beyond health and safety monitoring. It allows you to implement a system that improves the quality of internal processes and risk management.

Why data are essential for occupational safety and health management

An EHS Audit Software is fundamental to building a safe working environment for all employees. To support these efforts, there is a need for a comprehensive safety database to help conduct assessments that will help detect and prevent any risks before they occur.

Working with outdated procedures such as paper and pen not only hinders the ordinary course of inspections but also creates documentation problems. However, if you detect the risks in time, you can implement corrective measures to solve problems in advance (prevention).

With an EHS Audit Software like Lumiform, companies like yours can easily document health and safety issues, streamline workplace safety management and develop a culture of safety and wellbeing among all employees.

How to improve safety and security in the workplace with a digital tool

These are some of the advantages of working with EHS Software such as Lumiform:

1. All employees are committed to complying with health and safety standards

With a digital program to manage health and safety, it is easier to motivate employees to make the appropriate safety inspections and to commit to their follow-up. The use of mobile EHS Software makes it easy to report safety issues in the workspace using a mobile device, without the need for a pen or paper. With Lumiform's EHS Software, you skip the whole process of filling in documents by hand, using digital checklists. Also through the app, you can create and share reports instantly with a couple of clicks.

2. employees react faster to health and safety reports

Better organized and scalable workflows help you identify and resolve workplace security issues faster by sending immediate notifications to responsible employees through the EHS Software. Corrective actions are initiated immediately and can be easily tracked through the dashboard.

3. Simplifies the execution of assigned tasks

With the security application, you can get a practical overview of completed, delayed and ongoing actions through the central dashboard. You no longer have to worry about personally contacting the responsible employees and following the status of your tasks.

4. All important safety-related information is safe and at hand

EHS SAudit Software creates space within the office as dusty file folders are reduced and moved to more convenient digital storage. With the automatic synchronization function, you can be sure that your data is safe and you can focus more on improving the safety of your employees.

5. Employees are more proactive in handling incidents in the workspace

EHS Software helps you make better proactive security decisions by putting the power of data in your hands. Use the data to assess the safety of individual workstations better and create improvement strategies.

Features of the EHS Audit Software from Lumiform

Individual digital forms

The flexible form construction kit makes it possible to create new individual checklists at any time and to adapt them again and again.

First class customer service

Lumiform’s excellent 24/5 support will reliably answer all your questions about the app when you need assistance using the tool.

Scheduling and notifications

The Lumiform App ensures that the schedule is kept. All employees receive notifications about the procedure and due dates. Managers automatically receive notifications when assignments are overdue and problems have occurred.

Time-defined work steps

Keep an eye on your schedule and use the information to identify opportunities to increase your efficiency.

Faster identification and resolution of problems

The data you collect from inspections is collected under the analysis tab. Here you can access all data and view your performance reports broken down by time, location and department. This helps you quickly identify causes and problems so you can fix them as quickly as possible.

Track inspections in facilities over time

Monitor your team’s inspection performance and identify opportunities to improve the process and efficiency of your operations.


Connect Lumiform’s EHS Software to enterprise software systems.

Time-defined targets

Keep an eye on what’s happening and identify insights from the information gained to increase your efficiency.

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