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The 5 categories of incident to report

Incident reporting is important, but what qualifies as an incident? Learn what the 5 common categories of incident are

Incident reports are important for any business, particularly ones which pose risks to worker safety, such as construction or mining. Incident reports help identify safety issues and are the first step towards resolving said issues. There are many occurrences which can qualify as incidents. This infographic presents the 5 major categories incidents fall under, to help you understand what to report.

5 categories of incident inforgraphic

Writing an incident report is a critical step towards improving workplace safety. Understanding why accidents happen is vital to any organization and will lead to more conscious workplace practices.

Incident reports are legal responses to observed issues. That means they are strong grounds for introducing change and helping workplaces comply more strictly with applicable regulations. The most effective incident reporting happens immediately following whatever has happened.

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