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Get an overview of the most important features in Lumiform.
Turn issues into corrective actions by collaborating with team members.
Create custom checklists and use logics to predefine workflows.
Share automatically generated reports and get in-depth analytics.
Quickly conduct inspections with the easy-to-use inspection app.
Easily adapt the Lumiform software to your complex organization structure.

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How Areas uses Lumiform to run and grow their gastronomy business

From easy audits to precise documentation to custom checklist creation, Lumiform’s intuitive features have helped revolutionize Areas’ internal processes

Flexibility, simplicity, and affordability are the driving factors behind Areas’ implementation of Lumiform. Because Areas operates in so many different environments, whatever inspection solution they chose had to be adaptable and intuitive. By creating digital checklists, Areas addresses the differing needs of their many locations.

Areas started out using Lumiform for hygiene audits, before quickly realizing how many other areas they could use the software to improve. Inspections are performed efficiently and autonomously by various employees.

The ways Areas benefits from using Lumiform

They save time on training and communication between team members, since the Lumiform app guides inspectors through each template. Any problems can be flagged immediately and reported via email, which facilitates problem-solving.

Areas is already expanding their use of Lumiform to include cleaning and MHD control checklists.

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