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5 developments in firefighter technology

Firefighting technology is making it easier for firefighters to do their work, both in terms of safety and effectiveness

Firefighters have a difficult and risk-intensive job. Entering burning buildings and enduring prolonged exposure to intense heat, hazardous materials, falling debris, smoke, and more poses serious safety risks. That’s what has spurred the development of firefighting technology in recent years. These innovations in technology and protective equipment make fighting fires faster, more efficient, and less dangerous.

5 key improvements to firefighting technology

Understanding how modern firefighting technology can streamline the work your employees do is critical to keeping everyone safe. Advancements in artificial intelligence and data gathering allow you to monitor everything from chemical hazards to bodily conditions, making it easier to navigate through the area and to request backup if needed.

An investment in one or more of these firefighting solutions will improve the work you are able to do.

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