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Kotter’s 8 steps of change management

An intuitive change management process

Max Elias
by Max Elias | Reading time: 0 minutes

Kotter’s change management model is one of the most common change management models in use by organizations today. It sets out a change management process with 8 steps, designed to help you guide employees through organizational change.

Infographic representing Kotter's 8 steps of change management

A defined change management process is essential to have when running a business. Organizational shifts happen whether you are prepared or not, and knowing how to manage them in a way that considers your employees’ welfare is crucial. The 8 steps in Kotter’s model are an easy-to-follow change management plan you can use to implement and monitor organizational change.

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Max Elias

Max Elias

Max is a Content Writer at Lumiform originally from New York, NY. Before Lumiform, he worked at the fintech company SumUp, writing on a range of fintech-related topics. He has experience writing blogs, CRM communication, guides, and landing pages. In addition to a love of content writing, Max is passionate about standup comedy and cooking.