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The 3 Ps of supply chain sustainability

What are the 3 Ps of supply chain sustainability? Here are the elements of any sustainable supply chain

Supply chain sustainability is an increasingly relevant topic given that consumers, motivated by the climate crisis, are moving away from markedly unsustainable brands towards ones which can demonstrate sustainable conduct. The 3 Ps of sustainability help guide you in creating your own sustainable supply chain.

The 3 Ps of supply chain sustainability

It is essential that in addition to addressing the 3 Ps in your own business, you ensure that any businesses you partner with address them. A supply chain can only be sustainable if every part commits. One way to hold companies accountable is to require they achieve certification.

A well-constructed sustainable supply chain does not only help the earth, it also opens you up to funding from one of the many ESG investors out there. Sensing the shift in consumer values, investors are opting to support ethical businesses at an increasing rate.

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