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4 Types Of Gap Analysis

Learn about the 4 types of gap analysis in this informative infographic. Discover how this business management tool can help you evaluate your company's performance, identify gaps, and reach your goals.

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by Maria Chotou | Reading time: 0 minutes

Running a successful business requires consistent evaluation and optimization of various aspects of the company. This is where gap analysis is a powerful tool that helps businesses identify the gaps between their current performance and desired outcomes.

Gap analysis involves comparing a company's current and where it wants to be, identifying discrepancies, and taking steps to close the gap. In this infographic, we will explore the four different types of gap analysis, highlighting how each type can help businesses achieve their goals.

The four types of gap analysis
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Maria Chotou

Maria Chotou

Maria Chotou comes from an interdisciplinary background in Digital Journalism and Social Anthropology, giving her a unique perspective on the world. She has been combining her knowledge from both fields in her writing and creating content for Lumiform. She is actively involved in various writing and video production projects.