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6 workplace hazards

Learn what types of hazards to watch for in a workplace and create strategies for avoiding them

The first step towards improving safety in your workplace is knowing what types of workplace hazards to look for. Identifying factors which pose a risk to your employees is critical and allows you to then develop strategies for resolving or at least mitigating those factors. There are six common types of workplace hazard that you may notice.

An infographic describing workplace hazard types

Addressing workplace hazards means:

  • More productivity, since there will be fewer interruptions caused by accidents, equipment failures, or similar things
  • Lower costs, since repairing damaged equipment and covering the cost of employee medical care are expensive, as is property maintenance
  • Higher morale, because a commitment to worker safety shows you care about your employees
  • A better reputation for your business, which is helpful when hiring new talent

Proper workplace safety is essential not only from an ethical and productivity standpoint, but also a legal one. Every country has regulations and agencies that govern employee safety policies, and failing to meet their standards can result in heavy penalties. So constant awareness of workplace hazards and monitoring of workplace conditions are vital parts of successfully running a business.

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