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First Aid Responder

First aid responders are responsible for first aid measures in the event of an accident at the workplace.

What Is First Aid Responder?

A first aid responder has the responsibility to perform first aid measures in the event of accidents at the workplace. Companies are required by law to provide a specified number of first aid responders in the company. Under the Occupational Safety and HealthAct, they are jointly responsible for safety in the workplace. Their number depends on the size of the company and the potential risk of accidents.

First Aid vs. First Aid Responder?

If an accident occurs at work or on the street, every person must provide first aid and call the ambulance. The first aid responders at the workplace are responsible for providing first aid in an accident at work or on the street and alerting the emergency medical services. A first aid responder at the workplace is responsible for giving first aid in the event of minor or major accidents at work. Companies’ first aid responders must attend a special first aid course refreshed at regular intervals.

First Aid Responders in the Company: Tasks and Duties

Despite numerous legal regulations and regular checks to keep hazards at the workplace to a minimum, accidents are not completely preventable. If an employee is involved in an accident, the first aid responders take over the medical first aid. This includes the usual first aid procedures until the ambulance arrives.

The tasks of the first aiders include:

  1. Protecting yourself
  2. Securing the scene of an accident
  3. Making an emergency call
  4. Initiate immediate life-saving treatment
  5. Perform other first-aid measures

Compulsory Further Training for First Aiders

First aid responders are obliged to continuous training. The first aid course loses its validity after two years. Therefore, the first aid responders must participate in regular intervals in advanced training. If the two years have been exceeded, the respective person loses the status as a first aid responder and must repeat the entire training successfully.

The responsibility of timely participation is the task of the respective company itself. At the same time, the company also bears the training and continuing education costs.

The advanced training for first aid responders covers the same topics as the regular course. The knowledge is refreshed and, if necessary, new knowledge about first aid is included in the program.

If there is an increased risk of work accidents in the company, additional training is advisable. In this case, annual continuing education courses are recommended.

Who Offers Continuing Education Courses for First Aid Responders?

The advanced training usually takes place at the location of the respective course providers. Aid organizations that provide training for the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) are as follows:

The legal accident insurance comes for the first aid responders’ costs and training costs. The company only pays travel expenses and compensates the first air responders for the time spent.

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