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Fire Safety

Keeping your workers, customers, and nearby residents safe in the event of and reducing their risk of being exposed to a fire in your building is vital for any business. Ensuring fire safety will show your comittment to health and save your business from bearing the costs of a fire

What is fire safety?

Fire safety is the practice of making sure your building or workplace is free of and well-equipped to handle fire hazards. Fire is one of the most destructive disasters your business can face, from both an injury and loss of profit standpoint. Proper fire safety protocols are a mandatory part of running a business, as the property owner/manager is legally liable for fire damage.

You can work towards a safer workplace by providing firefighting equipment, for example by placing fire extinguishers on every floor or by installing smoke detectors. And to help you learn what fire safety is, there are five easy steps you can follow.

What is fire safety in 5 steps?

Ensuring that your workers and anyone else in the vicinity are safe from fire risks is a matter of:

  1. Identifying all fire hazards: look for anything that could start a fire if left unattended or misused.
  2. Monitoring those at risk: Consider who is most vulnerable if a fire were to break out. Are there people who are physically impaired, elderly, or otherwise at risk?
  3. Analyze your fire safety measures: Look at what you currently do to ensure fire safety and decide if it is working. Use data about past incidents to see what needs improvement.
  4. Implement new measures: From the previous steps, you’ll have identified things which need to be addressed. In this step, you address them.
  5. Update regularly: When new measures are in place, it’s important that you continue to check on them and make sure everything is working and procedures are being followed.

Using these five steps to optimize your fire preparedness will help you create a safer environment and comply with fire safety requirements.

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