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GMP is a system for manufacturers to ensure that they are operating as best they can, and is also a set of regulations applying differently in different industries

What is GMP?

GMP is an acronym for good manufacturing practice, and it is a system that ensures consistent production of the highest quality products possible. It can be used by almost any business which manufactures products. GMP covers every aspect of the production process.

Good manufacturing practice is often boiled down to the five Ps of GMP, so named because each factor begins with the letter P. Each factor represents an area of the business that is important to the system.

What are the 5 Ps?


Products refers to making sure every ingredient and raw material you use is high-quality This may involve quality testing in certain industries.


Make sure you are hiring qualified people and training the employees you have well. Make sure everyone is aware of everything involved in your manufacturing process and can handle the tasks.


Make sure all your manufacturing processes are followed exactly and documented. Having documentation available is key for consistency and understanding how to improve.


Procedures are the guidelines informing people how to complete processes. Make sure these procedures are defined and clear to everyone, and make sure procedures are up to date.


Keep your workplace clean, organized, and safe. Making sure the area is maintained helps ensure productivity and smooth operations.

What is GMP in pharmaceuticals?

Though any manufacturer benefits from GMP, the term comes up frequently in the pharmaceutical industry. That’s because it is especially important for medicines to contain good, safe ingredients. GMP is actually set and enforced by the FDA, and one example of their regulations is that all products follow a set master formula to ensure safety.

No matter what industry you are in, GMP helps you succeed by cutting costs, improving efficiency, and improving your brand consistency.

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