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Uncover more issues and solve them faster

No back and forth, just effective issue management

We invented the first issue management feature, to make issue workflows more effective and traceable.

Raise issue

Solve issue together

Track from remote

Raise issues in three different ways:

Raise issues automatically

In the form builder, predefine which events trigger an issue automatically and indicate to whom the resolution should be assigned, and who is responsible for resolving it.

Example use cases for automatic issues

Raise ad-hoc issues

Inspectors have the option of reporting an issue at any time, via the mobile app. Either raise an issue by defining everything from scratch or select from a predefined set of issues.

Raise in-form issues

During an inspection, inspectors have the option of reporting a problem relating to a particular check. The solution workflow is then attached to the inspection report.

For every issue raised, you can define the following parameters


Solve issues quickly as a team

View details and update process

Review the details and information from the person who raised the issue. Set the process from ‘open’ to ‘in process’ ‚or ‘solved’, in order to inform all stakeholders.

Add photos and comments

When troubleshooting, you can add images and comments to document the entire solution process.

Messaging with teammates

Write messages and share them with teammates who are also assigned to the issue, in order to speed up resolution.

Log protocol

The system logs all process steps automatically, and this ensures seamless documentation.

Manage to troubleshoot

Process unassigned and unscheduled issues to the right person, in order to solve them quickly. Monitor all assigned issues remotely.

Improve your quality and safety efforts with meaningful analyses

We also offer paid plans with additional features, storage and support.