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Inspection and documentation time reduced by half

In the past, many working hours were needed every day for inspections and their documentation. Thanks to Lumiform, this now happens in half the time.

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Guetersloh, Deutschland

Number of Employees


Uses Cases

Daily & Monthly Safety Inspections, Maintenance Inspections
50% more inspections in the same time
4x faster problem solving
450 Sheets of paper saved per month


  • Workplace safety for staff and customers doubled by minimizing errors in completing checklists and increasing reliability in performing safety inspections.

  • Documentation time for daily inspections reduced by 50% by now standardizing checklists, automating reports, and storing everything centrally in the cloud.

  • Internal and external communication improved by 40% through simplified sharing of information and issues via the app within the team, with contractors and stakeholders.


For a transport and logistics company, safety and punctuality are the essential cornerstones of its business. This requirement applies to the company's workforce as well as to its customers. Anyone who transports goods across the country, through the air or over the water every day should also arrive home safely after completing their work.

Every day, the logistics company has several inspections that affect the vehicle and the cargo's safety. Until now, checklists for these inspections were printed out on paper, handed out in clip folders, filled out by hand, and then filed in binders. A pile of paper documents, the disadvantages of which were noticeable in work every day.

That's why a large transportation and logistics company in Germany decided to look for a solution that would allow them to digitize their daily safety checks. They hope that the change will, among other things, make inspections easier and more reliable, and provide them with usable data to improve workplace safety continually.

After a market analysis, Lumiform emerged as a suitable solution. At first glance, the app-based application seemed to meet all requirements.