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Automated and affordable temperature and humidity monitoring

Buy hardware now & test software for free

Stay in control without manual effort

Stay in control without manual effort
No documentation effort

Comply with legal regulations without the need for manual documentation

Stay in control without manual effort
Avoid stock loss

Immediate alarms for threshold violations prevent product damage

Stay in control without manual effort
Avoid reputation damages

Alarms allow quick intervention in the event of threshold violations

The most affordable and uncomplicated solution

Exclude manual checks and product damage with Lumiform’s affordable temperature and humidity tracking system. When temperature or humidity moves out of the safe range, you are alerted immediately.

Define the site, device title, thresholds, alarm delays and users to be alerted, per sensor.

Define sensor specifics

View history and real-time data of all your devices (temperature & humidity) anytime, anywhere.

Get real-time data

Our system notifies assigned users of threshold violations by E-mail, SMS or Push-Notifications.


All data flow automatically into an individual HACCP report, so you don’t have any manual work.


Raise issues in three different ways:

Buy monitoring kit

Buy monitoring kit

Buy the temperature and humidity sensors, either directly from our partner or through us.

We need to know two things:

  1. How many sensors do you need?
  2. How large is the area to be monitored?

We will send you the gateway(s).

Install sensors

Install sensors

Install the sensors anywhere within your devices or premises.


Start tracking

All sensors send real-time data to our cloud, via the gateway. View all data in the system at a glance. Set the alarm and documentation settings quickly, in the Lumiform App.

The most affordable monitoring solution on the market


One-off payment


Per sensor


One-off payment


Per gateway


Monthly payment


Per sensor / month

*Dependent on quantity

Used for various different use cases





Heating equipment

Heating equipment

Cold storage

Cold storage

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the sensors for tracking hot and cold environments?

Yes you can use our sensors in hot and cold storages. We are using RuuviTag sensors which work from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F). The default battery that is included in the shipment, tolerates temperatures from -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F) but extended temperature batteries are available on order, so please let us know.

Is it possible to measure also higher temperatures?

Yes, in these cases we use other sensors with an external temperature probe that can measure either up to 125°C (257°F) or even 250°C (482°F). However, these sensors are more expensive in the one-time purchase. Prices are available on request.

What is the measurement frequency and what technology is used for data transmission?

Our sensors send messages every second via Bluetooth Low Energy to a gateway, which sends data to our cloud via Wifi. The gateway can be configured remotely and the 'listening frequency' can be controlled. By default our gateway collects the actual value (temperature and humidity) every 10 minutes. This frequency can be changed.

I do not have Wifi, is there another way to send the data from the gateway to the cloud?

Yes, there is the possibility to use a 3G/LTE USB dongle. This option is only available with a certain number of sensors from Lumiform. We will also be happy to give you tips on which providers can be used.

What is the runtime of the sensor battery?

Our sensors have a CR2477 battery installed, which theoretically lasts about 4 years. In practice, however, the battery life will be somewhat shorter and depends on many factors, such as the environmental temperature. To be on the safe side we talk about a battery life of 2 years +.
As a short explanation: the battery life depends largely on the temperature. At very cold temperatures, the battery life is shortened, and at really warm temperatures, the electronics consume slightly more power than at room temperature

What's the sensor range?

In the open field without obstacles, the manufacturer of the sensors (Ruuvi) has measured extremely high ranges (>500 meters or >1600 feet).
Since in our case the sensors are placed in cooling or heating devices that have different conditions (thick wall, thin wall, with stainless steel or without, etc.) we do not promise an exact range for the sensors.
However, we have found that in a catering refrigerator with thick stainless steel, the range is 25-30 meters. For bottle refrigerators the range is even higher.

How many sensors can I connect to one gateway?

There is no limit to the number of sensors that can be connected to a gateway.

Can I use several gateways at one location?

Yes, that’s no problem. If a gateway does not receive all sensor values due to a too short range, you can easily place more gateways. This is usually the case when you want to monitor several rooms on different levels.

Does Lumiform help me with the installation?

Yes, we prepare the sensors and gateways so that you only need to plug the gateway in and place the sensors in your devices. We will send you instructions on how to set up the system. Since it is very easy, you can do it yourself. A site can be connected in under 5 minutes.