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8 Wastes Template

This 8 wastes checklist can be used by area supervisors to notice any of the 8 wastes (based on 7 wastes with non-utilized talent as 8th waste) and get rid of them in the workplace. This checklist includes possible causes for every waste such as waiting for information, etc. too long or steps in the process that have no value to the customer.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

8 Wastes Template

8 Wastes (DOWNTIME) Checklist

1. Defects

Are there products, information, or services that are not completed or not accurate?
Select all that apply:

2. Overproduction

Are we doing the work earlier, faster, or produce more of something than necessary?

3. Waiting

Are we waiting too long for information, equipment, people or something else too long?

4. Non-utilized talent

Are the staff's experience, abilities, knowledge, or creativity properly made use of?

5. Transportation

Is there an unnecessary transfer of materials, equipment or anything else?

6. Inventory

Is there an amassment of pieces, information, usage, etc. that is beyond the customer's needs?

7. Motion

Are there any actions by those people that are not helping the customer?

8. Extra-processing

Is there any step that does not add value in the eyes of the customer?
Select all that apply!


Any further observations?
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