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Airlien Cargo Facilities Inspection

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Airlien Cargo Facilities Inspection

Operational Evaluation Scope

Head Office Facilities and management structure (additional scope)

Completion of DWS -Dead load Weight Statements

Company Procedures Manuals and completion of documentation

Training including records, course and course content - initial and recurrent

Live animal acceptance, handling and training - if applicable

Warehouse freight reconciliation and data base systems

Weight scale calibration - based on local regulations and airline requirements

Emergency Response Plans

Security procedures and measure- both organisational and regulatory

ULD handling and serviceability, including training

Dangerous Goods and perishable handling, include signage, storage, handling, emergency response

Warehouse inspections, include, general condition, FOD, storage, racking and shelving, GSE, X-ray, EDT, import and export lodging and pick up areas

Self assessment and internal auditing

Safety Management Systems, either organisational, or airline specific bases on GHA

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Ops Procedure and training, below where applicable

Training IATA 3 letter code

Aircraft specific training including contour and limitations

Aircraft specific load limitations

ULD types, maximums and restrictions

ULD serviceability, handling, storage and cargo labelling

Special handling labelling, AWB content, cargo and mail manifests

Import/export acceptance and release procedures

Freight build up, including load distribution

Release manifesting and weighing

Control of non conformities (discrepancies)

Restraint, storage release reconciliation

General management of spills

Dangerous a goods and perishable commodities handling

DWS and NOTOC completion samples (airline specific or generic IATA compliant)

Known and Unknown shipper control for tracking and source of freight. Include Shipper list and control, updating

Current dangerous Goods training being provided, Qantas Group DG training to be provided to all new CTO and GSA

Airline specific ULD training - JQ, GK, 3K ULD training will be provided for all new CTO and GSA

Cargo CPM and safety management subjects - to be supplied to all new CTO and GSA

Current ULD control and maintenance if applicable, Jetstar system training will be provided to all new CTO and GSA

Load restraint training information

JETSTAR specific specialised commodity acceptance, handling and training

JETSTAR crisis and emergency response plan including bomb threat

JETSTAR safety management systems

JETSTAR specific communication to downlink freight ports

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Forms and Documents

JETSTAR specific incident reporting (Oscars)

General manifests

Air Cargo transfer Manifests

JETSTAR specific container cards

Jetstar specific Electronic or manual DWS

JETSTAR specific electronic or manual NOTOC

JETSTAR specific safety management systems

Shippers declaration forms, including filing systems

Air Cargo transfer Manifests

JETSTAR specific ULD cards

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Weight scales calibration certified?

Sufficient stocks of ULD if required

GSE serviceability check list, including dollies

Tie down straps, brown lines, nets

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Documentation access and reference manuals

Company manual suite

Company specific SMS

JETSTAR Cargo Manual

Qantas Group Dangerous goods manual


IATA live animal regulations


IATA standards and recommended practices (IOSA ISARPS)

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Flight folio and document retention process

Retention of flight files for a minimum of 3 months

Financial accounts and AWB kept for 7 years


Perform comprehensive security evaluation (SSQA)

Ensure facility with segregated areas for import, export, domestic and international

Manned gates for all access points

Screening facilities used, X-ray, EDT if applicable

CCTV in all warehouse areas

General security of facility and ULD storage areas

Maintain database or control of known shippers and regulated agents, provide details of regular updates

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Export and import requirements

Process for messaging import and export information to customs and quarantine

Enable FHM, FHL and FWB messages if this is a selected method -INT

Provide SITA address if required for this process

Internal Audit processes

Effective audit/governance program using qualified audit personnel or subjects matter experts for internal self auditing process

Regular auditing of training records and course content to ensure compliance

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