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Business Continuity Plan Audit Checklist

This Business Continuity Plan (BCP) template is used to critically assess all aspects of the business and ensure that emergency procedures and equipment are functioning properly. This Business Continuity Template enables business continuity managers and consultants to

1. Identify the key business functions and components that need to be prioritized for recovery and restoration in the event of an emergency.
2. Add a list of processes/equipment most at risk of business disruption.
3. Collect roles and responsibilities of key personnel and have everything confirmed by digital signatures.

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Business Continuity Plan Audit Checklist


BCP Audit Checklist

Risk assessment has been carried out to identify potential threats to business continuity.

All Business Continuity Plans are updated and reflect all changes in the business.

All BCP committee members and employees are correctly trained regarding their roles and responsibilities.

Emergency procedures are tested to see if they are adequate to contain risks and prevent losses.

All emergency equipment is in good condition and is adequate to help restore and recover all business functions.

Potential business losses have been quantified and presented to BCP committee and management.

Adequate backup programs and systems in case of emergencies have been prepared and are available

Contact details of all key personnel, alternates and BCP committee are regularly updated.

All relevant documentation is kept and updated.

BCPs are audited on a regular basis.

All relevant staff know the emergency operations site.

Recommendations from consultants and auditors are documented as well as implemented.

BCPs of the business are reviewed:

Next schedule for BCP audit


Recommendation for relevant BCP updates

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