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Coaching Form

Brief description of previous coaching session's commitment(s) to begin/continue

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What do you think went well [current/recent transaction(s)?

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What do you think could have been done differently (missed opportunity)?

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Observation of Mandatory Basics

Walked last customer to the door

Removed ALL barriers


Smile & Enthusiasm

Name Exchange

Used "Welcome to the Ready Now Sprint Store" & What brings you in today?

Listened effectively then recapped/restated for clarity

Build rapport & asked personal probing questions?

Uncovered additional needs via effective probing

Asked for a sale beyond initial request

Consulted Reuther than "clerked"?

Walked to door

Additional Manager Comments/Observation

Employee Commitment

I commit to [specific behavior(s)?

In effort to [improve/maintain what goal or metric]

Beginning [specific time this will start]


Employee Signature Agreeing to Commitment

Manager Signature Agreeing to support the efforts around the commitment