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Meet standards with a combined ISO, ISM, and ISPS audit

A Combined Internal ISM-ISO-ISPS Audit is an evaluation that combines the requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (ISO) and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. It assesses the ship’s management systems, safety and security operations, and provides a comprehensive report to ensure compliance with the applicable maritime regulations.

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Health, Environmental Protection, Safety and Quality Management System
Is the Fleet Manual version 1/2013 known to the crew and followed accordingly? Is it known which version is the controlled version and which are the non controlled version?
Are the effective statutory certificates and survey records available on board?
Is the validity of statutory certificates i.o. And if not is the Company informed as per procedures?
Is the class certificate properly endorsed?
Are classification survey records maintained properly?
Is the vessel manned in compliance with the safe manning document?
Does each Master and Officer hold an appropriate cert. in accordance with STCW ( or dispensation)?
Is the procedure followed about the control of the documents in the HESQ system? Are the hard copy FM kept up to date ?
Are the nautical charts and Notice to Mariners controlled properly? (ISM Code / 7)
Are records kept as per Company Procedures?
Human Resources
How is the Crew's Qualification checked prior to emplyment (/by who), and how is it verified during signing on?
Is personnel appraised in regular intervals? Who appraises? What is the appraisal criteria?
If apprentices/ cadets on board: are training record books available, kept, and signed by the Master?
Is the Drug- and Alcohol Abuse Policy known to everybody and is the "limit" clearly understood?
Is the procedure about Change of Command clearly understood? (Hand over the watch/ Handing over of Functions)
Are SOLAS Training Manual and Fire Operational Booklet available in the mess room? Are the ship specific chapters filled out?
Are the regulations regarding working and resting times for seamen clearly understood and are records kept accordingly and true? (Comparison with Log Books/ Bell Book)
Is the company's general approach regarding Safety at Work understood by all crew? ( - everybody is himself responsible at first place for his own safety)
Infrastructure and Work Environment
Procedure about entering tanks and other confined spaces
Procedure about Hot Work
Preparation for an emergency (Material Safety Data Sheets available at Chemical- and Paint Store)
Regular checking on gangways and accommodation ladders
Maintenance of Ship, Engine and Equipment
Is the procedure about Risk Assessments known? Are Risk Assessments carried out?
Internal Requisitioning
External Purchasing
Receiving goods and reporting to the office.
Are newly assigned crewmembers properly familiarised? Is a Safety Familiarisation carried out for all on-signing crew? Are the specific familiarizations carried out for nautical/ technical officers?
Service Provisions
Are Standing Orders/ Night Orders being issued, properly signed and controlled?
Are checklists available and followed for the preparation for arrival and for departure? Is the Master aware of Go-/ NoGo Situations?
Is voyage planning carried out in accordance with the procedure, containing all necessary data, from berth to berth?
Are the nautical officers aware about the procedure for navigation in restricted waters?
Are the nautical offiers aware about the procedure for navigating in heavy weather?
Are procedures in regard to Loading and Discharging Operations avalable and understood?
Are procedures in place in regard to treatment and supervision of cargo?
Are Master, Cargo Officer and deck Officers aware about the procedure regarding the carriage of Dangerous Cargo?
Is everybody aware about the procedure regarding Environmental Protection? (MARPOL V Company Letter)
Is the BWMP available and is Ballast Water Management being carried out?
Is the Shipboard Working Arrangements clear, up to date, and in compliance with work/ rest time calculations?
Are Officers aware and are procedures in place in regard to marking with inspection and test results?
Are storage areas defined and kept tidy?
Is a Bunkering Procedure in place and is it being rigurously followed? Is the relevant Checklist being worked through?
Are parts for repair handled in accordance with the relevant procedure?
Is the Garbage Management Plan available updated and important information displayed as required? Is it known to all crew?
Monitoring and Measuring
Are vessels and Engine Operational Data being properly recorded? (Log books, GLSM,etc.)
Are technical inspections being carried out by the Superintendant twice a year?
Date and place of last 2 visits by technical superintendant?
Are Lifesaving- and Firefighting Appliances regularly insected, and is the Safety Officer aware about the requirements of carriage?
Are technical Officers aware about the Critical Equipment on board? Can they show a list of critical equipment? Can they describe/ show how to classify critical equipment?
Is critical equipment regularly checked and are records available? (See PMS)
Are officers aware about external Class /Flag surveys and how an external surveyor is to be treated?
Internal Audits
Is the procedure regarding Internal Audits known by the Master and Senior Officers?
When was the last internal Audit carred out?
What was the result of the last internal Audit? Have all Non Compliances been closed out properly and all corrective and preventive actions been done?
Control of Non Conformity
Is everybody on board aware, that deficiencies have to be reported? In GLSM compliance module.
Date of the last PSC:
Place and Result of the last PSC
Date of the Last Flag State Inspection
Place and Result of the last Flag State Inspection
Date of last external ISM audit
Place and Result of last External ISM audit
Date of last External MLC-2006 audit
Place and Result of last external MLC-2006 audit.
Is the class status of the vessel valid?
Date of last Class Survey statement
What is the number of the last Class Survey statement and what are the open items?
Are damages and claims properly reported and followed up?
Analysis of Data
Are senior Officers aware, that deficiencies detected by external surveyors have to be reported by using the GLSM compliance module?, one Report for each deficiency? Are Non Conformities, Accidents, Occurrences and Serious Incidents properly reported?
Is the Term "Corrective Action" clear and known by all Officers?
Is the term "Preventive Action/ Action to prevent recurrence" known to all Officers?
Are Drills and Trainings to Prepare for Emergency Situations carried out as required and logged accordingly?
Has the Emergency Telephone Number been tested successfully?
Who answered the Emergency Call?
Certification Verification and Control
Is a valid Copy of the Document of Compliance (Company) available?
Are the results of the external ISM audits available and satisfactory? If not NCN follow report numbers to be named.
Last external ISM Audit carried out on:
If NCN's or Observations were issued is a proper follow up done in GLSM Compliance module done? Please report GLSM report numbers.
Environmental Protection
Are environmental objects and program available?
Are environmental aspects available?
Are environmental targets available and understood?
The Master is fully conversant with the HESQ System
The Chief Engineer is fully conversant with the HESQ System.
The Chief Officer is fully conversant with the HESQ System.
Is all crew sufficiently conversant with the relevant items of the HESQ System Safe Working Practices and ISM Requirements(on their level)?
Have the log books been reviewed including related documentation in Audit report and via Log Book entry?
Have the Gas Detecion Devices been calibrated annually?
(If applicable) Have all Non Compliances and Observations from previous Audits been duly dealt with?
Has the Planned Maintenance System been controlled?
Further Remarks:
Are Objectives and Security Policy known as required?
Do Officers/ Engineers know about the Functional Requirements?
Do Officers/ Engineers have sufficient knowledge about the Terminology?
Is the "Company" identified?
ISPS Code's correct Application to this Ship?
Are the Flag State's Additional Requirements known?
Is Part B if applicable duly taken into account?
Responsibilities of contracting governments
Is it known who sets the security level for the ship?
Is the Master's Ultimate Responsibility for the ship clearly defined and known?
Is Security Information being exchanged with PFSO?
Is a list of Security Contact Points available?
Are working and restng times sufficiently taken into account in regard to Security Duties?
Declaration of Security
Do SSO/Deputy have sufficient knowledge about the Declaration of Security?
Is there a retention period for Declarations of Security?
Is there a procedure about how to handle requests for a Declaration of Security by a Port Facility?
Is the SSO aware about the circumstances when a Declaration of Security has to be requested?
Obligations of the Company
Is the Master's overriding Authority clearly defined?
Does the Company provide sufficient support to CSO/Master/SSO?
Is the responsible party for the appointment of shipboard personnel defined?
Is the responsible party for decision about the ship's employment defined?
Ship Security
Officers'/ Engineers' knowledge about the different Security Levels sufficient?
Are the parties of the charter party including contacts defined?
Is it understood that an Acknowledgement of Receipt has to be sent to the Flag State Administration?
Acknowledgement of Receipt of higher Security Level Information and confirmation of Initiation of the Implementation of respective Security Measures according SSP
Cooperation/ Communication with PFSO
Ship Security Assessment
Is the Ship Security Assessment available?
Is the Ship Security Assessment being kept confidential?
Are the Flag State's additional requirements fulfilled?
Ship Security Plan
Is the approved Ship Security Plan available?
Is the Ship Security Plan kept confidential?
Are the Flag State's additional reqiorements on SSP fulfilled?
Is the language of the SSP as per requirements?
Is the location of the SSAS Activation Points known to key personnel?
If the SSP is available in electronic format - is it kept confidential and protected from tampering with?
Is it clear to the SSO in which case PSC Officer may request to see the SSP itself (instead of only the approval letter)? Does he know that the PSCO can only be shown the part of the SSP he has clear grounds to doubt it is being fulfilled?
Is the Effectiveness of the SSP regularly assessed? (SSP-Review available)?
Is it clear how ammendments to the SSP are to be prepared?
Are duties and responsibilities of shipboard personnel with a security role clearly defined?
Is there a procedure for the maintenance of continuous communication in place?
Are procedures to assess the continuous effectiveness of the ship security procedures and equipment including identification of/ resonding to equipment/ systems failure in place?
Is there a procedure to protect security sensitive information in place?
Are there type- and maintenance requirements of security and surveillance equipment systems in place?
Are procedures in place for the submission and assessment of reports relating security breaches or security concerns?
Are procedure in place to keep an inventory of dangerous goods (cargo) and hazardous substances (domestic) carried including their location?
Are procedures in place to control the access to the ship?
Are procedures in place to control the access to restricted areas?
Are procedures in place to control the handling of cargo?
Are procedures in place to control the delivery of ship's stores?
Are procedures in place regarding the handling of unaccompanied baggage?
Are procedures in place ensuring the monitoring of the security of the ship?
Are procedures in place regarding the handling of differing Security Levels?
Are procedures in place regarding activities not covered by the Code?
Is the minimum retention period defined?
Is the confidentiality of records ensured?
Is the language of records defined?
If records are kept in electronic format - are confidentiality and retention of records ensured?
Company Security Officer
Is a Company Security Officer for this ship appointed/ declared?
Are the tasks of the company security officer defined?
Ship Security Officer
Is a Ship Security Officer appointed?
Are the tasks of the Ship Security Officer defined?
Is the Ship Security Officer fully conversant with the Ship Security Plan?
Trainings Drills and Exercises on Ship Security
Is the Ship Security Officer trained (if required Flag State Approved Training course)?
Is personnel with specific security duties adequately trained?
Has personnel participated in Security Awareness Trainings?
Are Security Drills carried out regularly?
Are security exercises (with the company) carried out regularly?
Verification and Certification for Ships
Valid International Ship Security Certificate available?
Are the results of external Audits satisfactory?
Date of last external ISPS audit
Have changes been taking place in the approved security system?
SOLAS Requirements
Is the Automatic Identification System (AIS) working (V Reg.19)?
Is the ship identification number installed as per rules (XI-1 Reg.3)?
Is the Continuous Synopsis Record complete (XI-2 Reg.4)?
Are specific company responsibilities complied with (XI-2 Reg.5)?
Is the ship security alert system tested according to the rules (XI-2 Reg.6)?
Assessment Review
Has a Ship Security Assessment been carried out since last Audit?
Are records of the last SSA available?
Are comments/ action on the last SSA-review from CSO available?
Has a SSA-review been carried out in course of this audit (Report prepared and attached)?
Completion of Audit
The combined audit has been completed. Audit Participants as per attached Audit Participants List.
Date/ Time of Completion
Name auditor
Auditor's Signature
Name Master
Master's Signature
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A Combined Internal ISM ISO ISPS Audit is a comprehensive audit that assesses the compliance of an organization with the International Safety Management (ISM), International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) codes. This audit examines all the aspects of the organization’s operations, from management systems to physical security measures, to ensure that the organization is following all the safety, security and quality standards. The audit also identifies any shortcomings in the organization’s processes and provides recommendations to improve them. The audit is conducted by external auditors and is highly beneficial for the organization, as it helps to enhance safety, security, and quality of operations.
Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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