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COVID-19 Templates

39 templates

What is a COVID-19 Checklist?

In these devastating times everyone must do everything in their power to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This may involve monitoring and checking the hygiene rules in companies, individual establishments, institutions, hospitality, or medical facilities.

According to current knowledge, the coronavirus survives on most surfaces for some time. Thus it is necessary to clean the workplace with a cleaning agent before and after each shift and then disinfect it thoroughly. With a suitable cleaning plan, you can ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of the areas used.

Simultaneously, it is necessary to pay attention to all regulations and provide prevention in all relevant areas. It is therefore recommended to include the simple and effective functionality of a checklist in this process. The advantage of digital checklists is that you can build up a template suitable for your application. We have several COVID-19-checklists that can help you to create your list for your needs. Whether it's optimizing work processes, inspections, or any other area Required to contain precautions against the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus.

Accordingly, a coronavirus checklist can be successfully used in the following areas:

  • for reopening of hotels,

  • for the general inspection of hygiene requirements,

  • for the hygiene rules in offices,

  • for risk assessment

How to create a COVID-19 Checklist?

With a coronavirus checklist, you can systematically list which tasks have to be done to guarantee the hygiene's desired standard. Each step can be precisely outlined and fulfilled with a coronavirus checklist. In this way, work steps and procedures are carried out routinely and reliably. The following explains important information on how to create a COVID-19 Checklist effectively..

1. Create a hygiene concept

Before you start creating the checklist, you should create a hygiene concept for you and your company. This will define all areas that need to be cleaned. At the same time, it is important to define how often the specified areas will be cleaned and disinfected. Such a plan can take the form of a checklist so that no cleaning and disinfection work is forgotten, problem areas are identified immediately, and appropriate measures are taken.

2. Define tasks of the Hygiene Plan

Depending on the company, the situation in the workplace is different. Nevertheless, some basic aspects belong to every cleaning plan. These include thorough routine cleaning, which must be done at certain times. For example, surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected before the start and end of working hours. With the help of a checklist, you can define and specify routine cleaning tasks in terms of content and time.

3. Cleaning with the COVID-19 Checklist

With so many hygiene measures and cleaning tasks that have to be carried out, it is essential not to lose sight of the big picture. A coronavirus checklist serves as a useful guide for the various cleaning tasks to prevent coronavirus. For example, break down the cleaning tasks according to the time of day. This clearly defines which areas are cleaned in the morning and which after working hours. The person responsible for each task must be entered into the list for any queries. Forbearance should be the priority during every cleaning job to minimize the risk of infection.

4. Additional Information

After you have taken care of the primary content of your coronavirus checklist, you should now add additional content to the template. This content may include instructions on using the checklist or comments on the cleaning procedures' content. This additional information can be beneficial for proper cleaning and compliance with the prescribed hygiene standards. Your coronavirus checklist is now ready for use.

If you need a checklist template for health care inspections, for the office, for hotel and room cleaning etc., have a look at our template library.

FAQs: The 3 most frequently asked questions

What advantages does a COVID-19 Checklist offer

Cleaning plans and checklists save time, facilitate communication between the team, and raise workplace hygiene standards. The cleaning protocol is not lost and can be replaced more easily. Any corrective measures that arise are immediately recorded and eliminated immediately.

What information belongs in a COVID-19 Checklist?

Checklists help you to keep the risk of coronavirus infection as low as possible. Information that can be found in every corona checklist is Name, period, place of cleaning, tasks completed, names and contact details of the responsible staff, signature fields.

Can a Checklist minimise the risk of Infection?

Regular and routine cleaning measures of the work area minimise infection risk among the employees. Using a cleaning plan for the workplace, you guarantee that the work areas are cleaned and disinfected at the end of work or the change of shift. The use of a checklist contributes to the overview and coordination of these measures.