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COVID-19 | Business Resumption Plan Template

A business recovery plan is a tool for resuming operations after a significant interruption or emergency. The plan is designed to help companies gradually restore critical business functions to maintain continuity of service to customers and business partners.

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COVID-19 | Business Resumption Plan Template

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First questions

It is recommended that these three questions be taken into account when deciding on a reopening.

Is your company located in a community where significant protection measures are no longer required?

Will you be able to restrict unneeded staff to those from the local geographic area?

Do you have protective measures for workers at increased risk (e.g. telework, tasks that minimise contact)?

If you have answered "Yes" to all three questions, you can consider reopening and proceed with the plan to resume operations.

About the company

Company name

Main address

City, State, Postal code

Phone number

Primary Point of Contact

Primary emergency contact

Phone number

E-Mail Adress

Team Members

The following persons will participate in the planning of the resumption of business operations.




Contact number




E-Mail Adress

Schedule of meetings

Summary of dates and locations

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Use a list to identify the threats your company may face when it resumes operations. For each threat, decide how much it could affect your business. Use the following threat levels to estimate the impact: Negligible - limited to no business interruption or property damage Minor - an obstacle that can affect business operations without that your company has a damage, it can be an event from the surrounding neighborhood Critical - temporary business interruptions or major damage to the building, impact on the general public Catastrophic - a disaster that affects the entire region, causing business disruption and forcing the closure of buildings This is an event of major proportions. It can include complete destruction, multiple injuries or deaths, and a regional event, which means that external resources are unavailable or limited for long periods of time.


Identified hazard/event

Effects on critical company values

Lindernde Maßnahmen

Evaluation of the Operating Results

Identify the most important organizational processes and assess their importance. This includes describing and estimating the likely impact of a loss or delay in that outcome and approximating the time required to recover the lost outcome.

Business Procedure

Describe the procedure

Impact of the loss on income

Time until recovery

Organizational impact

Prioritization of the recovery

Responsible person/department


Contacts for Economic Recovery


Organisation name

Type (e.g. insurance, bank, supplier)

Contact person

Contact details

Business Resumption Plan

Develop and implement appropriate workplace safety guidelines in relation to:

Social distancing

Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Temperature Controls

Continuous testing, isolation and contact tracking

Disinfection of common areas and surfaces with high contact density

Restriction of business travel

Staggering the phases of return to work

Remote work/Telework possible

Special accommodation for members of the company at risk

Staggered collection times

Restrictions on the use of shared property

Daily health checks for employees

Flexible exemption policy

COVID-19 mass testing within the company

Action plan, if an employee is infected with COVID-19

Training schedules

If there is specific training that has been identified in a previous risk assessment as part of the mitigating measures, it can be listed here.

Training name


Planned timeframe

Maintenance and Updating of the Plan

Timetable for reporting the results of investigations

Plan Approval


Contact number

E-Mail Adress

Signature Teamleader

Senior Management


Signature Senior Management

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