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COVID-19 Checklist: Hygiene Concept for Library

The protection and hygiene concept for libraries is based on state regulations and the respective guidelines for public libraries in the federal states. It may have to be adapted to the regional regulations. The previous freedom of movement in the use of the library is thereby restricted. This serves to protect employees and visitors, as well as against a further spread of the Covid-19 virus.
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COVID-19 Checklist: Hygiene Concept for Library

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An action team was formed to define, plan and implement the protection measures.
Names of the members
The members of the action team are responsible for the orderly running of the visitor's establishment in accordance with the protection and hygiene concept, in particular the observance of the rules of distance and hygiene by the visitors, the ventilation of the rooms before, during and after the visiting hours as well as the regular cleaning/disinfection of the inventory, equipment, door handles etc.

Measures to Avoid Contact

The opening and visiting hours are reduced to three days.
In compliance with the rules of distance, a maximum of [enter number] persons (1 person/[enter number] m² of the area accessible to visitors*, not counting staff*) may be present in the library at any one time. Exceptions for people with disabilities, wheelchair users and their accompanying persons as well as parents with small children are regulated by the service on site.
Children up to the age of 11 may only enter the library when accompanied by their parents/parents.
To regulate the number of visitors, baskets are available on site in the maximum possible number of visitors. Each visitor is required to carry a basket with him/her during his/her stay. The staff will monitor the basket storage area; as soon as the last basket has been handed out, no further visitors may enter the library. Visitors must wait to enter the library until a basket is available again.
Entrance and exit to the library are separated and clearly marked.
Only people with a "customer card" have access to the library. New registrations are possible
In order to reliably comply with the rules of distance (at least 1.5 metres) between visitors and staff, clearly visible floor markings have been installed in the entrance and exit areas and in front of the counter.
Information on the use of the lifts by max. [enter number] persons on all floors.
Offer of reading and workstations and opportunities to linger is largely restricted (removal of seating furniture, closing of work rooms, switching off Internet PCs, locking of listening stations, closing of the LeserCafé)
No more than 2 persons may be present in front of the counter at any one time, subject to the rules of distance.
A so-called "spitting protection" is attached to the counter. Where this is not possible, a safety distance of 1.5 metres must be marked.
The staff members take care that visitors with unspecific symptoms of a cold or an infection (cough, sniffles, etc.), which are recognizable even for medical laymen, are prevented from entering the library.
Washrooms/toilets may only be entered individually; this fact is indicated by a poster on the door(s) to the rooms.

Hygiene Measures

Mouth and nose covering is obligatory for visitors and all employees who come into contact with visitors (exception: children under 6 years of age). Visitors for whom a medical indication does not allow the wearing of a mouth-and-nose cover must not visit the library until further notice.
All visitors and all library staff are obliged to wear their own mouth and nose covers during their entire stay in the library and to put them on outside the library rooms. Visitors are required to wear masks on posters, and will be denied access to the library if they fail to comply.
When receiving media, employees are required to wear disposable gloves.
Disinfectants will be provided directly before entering the library; soap and disposable paper towels are available in sufficient quantities. Visitors will be informed about thorough hand hygiene by means of posters.
According to the frequency of visitors, objects that are also touched by visitors, e.g. baskets, door handles, handrails on stairs, etc. are thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, disinfected several times a day.
Wherever possible, the doors are kept open during visiting hours so that no door handles need to be used. All rooms in the library are regularly ventilated and cleaned.
All generally accepted hygiene rules are communicated to visitors by means of posters.

Lending and Return of Media

As usual, customers will borrow and return their media themselves.
The output of reservations.
Interlibrary loan is possible again.
In order to avoid possible contact infection, it is not permitted to immediately return media to the book inventory.
Media must always be returned over the table in the entrance area or the book trolley, and staff members who are responsible for returning media wear disposable gloves.
Paper-bound media are stored in a dry and well-ventilated room for at least 24 hours. Only after this period has elapsed will paper-bound media be issued again or sorted back on the shelves. Foil-bound media are additionally cleaned with soapy water.

Fees, Payment Transactions

It is recommended to make payments contactless with card.
If this is not possible, the money is exchanged via a tray.


Events of all kinds, such as author readings, musical performances, also visits of groups of children or school classes will not take place until further notice.
Planned events will be cancelled.

Library Bus

The front door is used exclusively as an entrance, the rear door exclusively as an exit.
A maximum of one customer may be on the bus at any one time.
Exceptionally, small children may be taken into the vehicle. They must be held by hand.
Children under 12 years of age may only enter the Bookmobile when accompanied by an adult.
It is possible to pre-order media packages which can only be collected from the Bookmobile.
The advice is to be reduced to the most necessary.
A mouth and nose protector is mandatory in the vehicle.
Hands must be disinfected at the entrance.
Returned media will be collected and cleaned in separate boxes at the front workplace.
All media borrowed on the bus can also be returned to the Central Library.


Employees are informed in detail about the hygiene concept and the specifications/instructions for occupational health and safety!
Signature of authorised action team
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