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Covid-19 | Office Inspection

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Covid-19 | Office Inspection

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Are appropriate signs placed at building entrances to remind people entering the offices of Covid-19's key risks and controls?
Are there clear instructions for washing hands in the WCs?


Do the waste bins have plastic bin liners? Are additional bags for double bags available for disposal?


Do all WCs have sufficient hand soap, hand drying material and toilet paper?

Hygiene and Cleaning

Has a "deep cleaning" been carried out in the last 7 days?
Are suitable antibacterial cleaning agents and towels available in all offices used?
Is there evidence that individuals have cleaned their workplaces daily?
Are the offices clean and tidy, which facilitates further cleaning?


Are interior doors kept open to reduce contact surfaces (handles etc.)?
Are the windows open where the temperature allows ventilation of the offices?
Are individuals in the office safely separated at their desks (>2m)?
Is the roster for the current week up to date?
Is the rotation in the office maintained (the right people come on the agreed day)?

First Aid

Has the seal of the first aid kit been inspected in the last 7 days?
Has a defibrillator test been performed in the last 7 days?
Is there at least one qualified first aider in the offices?


Did management meet to update and review the impact of Covid-19 on business during the last working week?
Were all employees contacted to discuss changes in daily operations and were they allowed to raise issues during the last week of work (weekly team meeting)?
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