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Covid-19 | Risk Assessment for Building Cleaners / Cleaning Staff

This checklist for the preparation and documentation of the risk assessment covers frequently occurring hazards in relation to biological hazards caused by a coronavirus. Basic measures are proposed here to defend against them. "The employer is obliged to take the necessary measures for occupational health and safety, taking into account the circumstances that affect the safety and health of employees at work. He must check the effectiveness of the measures and, if necessary, adapt them to changing circumstances. In doing so, he shall strive to improve the safety and health protection of employees". (§ 3 Occupational Safety and Health Act). Determining the hazards at the workplace, assessing them and determining measures to prevent or minimise them is known as risk assessment (§ 5 ArbSchG). This risk assessment must be documented.

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Covid-19 | Risk Assessment for Building Cleaners / Cleaning Staff

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The employees are informed about the hygiene measures concerning the coronavirus. - Cough and sneeze label - 30 seconds proper handwashing - Keep hygiene articles ready (water, soap, disinfectant) The foreign employees also understand the information.
The employees were informed about quarantine conditions and measures. All employees know when they: - which symptoms require medical attention - should take quarantine measures, or - must report to the employer to agree on measures to protect other employees
Rules have been defined for company buildings and premises which regulate access in the event of symptoms of illness, return from crisis areas, ordered quarantine measures for oneself or relatives. These were agreed or communicated with clients, contractors and customers.
Employees are provided with the personal protective equipment required for their work tasks and the necessary hygiene and skin protection products. The employees are instructed to use these.
Determine whether hazardous substances are used, produced or released (for example, safety data sheet).
Determine to what extent, in what type and for how long hazardous substances are used (take work processes into account).
The operating instructions for the cleaning, disinfection and hygiene agents used are available.
In the case of disinfectants, avoid solvent vapours (note the risk of fire or explosion).
Necessary occupational medical precautions have been taken. (e.g. for cleaning staff in medical facilities)Advice (by telephone) from the company doctor.
Contact with other people is minimized when walking to work - Use of the car (alternatively bicycle or footpath) - strict avoidance of public transport - in case of emergency, use of off-peak hours for routes
Meetings and customer contact are reduced to a necessary minimum - Use of electronic media (telephone, Facetime, Skype, etc.) - personal contacts only in small groups and with due distance.
Coordination with the hygiene regulations of the customer or client or third parties has been made. When contacting other companies, coordination of criteria and measures.
Sanitary facilities are available in accordance with the ArbStättV and can be used safely. All hygienic means are sufficiently available. Ensure redundancy and have your own hygiene products at hand, e.g. soap, water (1.5l PET bottle), paper towels, disinfectant would be ideal.
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