COVID-19 | Self-Assessment Checklist for Home Office

Due to the continuing effects of the coronavirus, more employees are encouraged or encouraged to work from home. Employees who work from home can use this checklist to assess the suitability of their home office. This checklist assesses personal health and well-being, individual work considerations and workplace safety.

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COVID-19 | Self-Assessment Checklist for Home Office

Personal health and hygiene

Sign outDo you have flu symptoms such as headache, runny nose, sore throat, cough or fever?

Has anyone from your home country travelled abroad in the last two weeks?

Do you have hand sanitizer and face masks handy?

Work area

How would you describe your home office?

Are you probably distracted by other people in the house during the workday?

Mache einige Fotos von deinem Arbeitsbereich

Is there anything you can do to improve your work from home?


Do you have a desk or a table where you can work from?

Is your chair adjusted correctly? Is your lower back supported and do your feet lie flat on the floor?

Do you have enough space on your desk to work comfortably?

Is your keyboard and mouse clean and easy to reach without stretching?

Can you easily reach everything you need without twisting and straining your upper body?

Is your screen clean and positioned so that there is no glare from light?

Is your screen at eye level so that you have no discomfort on your neck or head?

Fire and electrical safety

Have you set up an emergency meeting place outside your house in case of fire?

Do your smoke alarms work and are they checked regularly, e.g. monthly?

Do you regularly dispose of waste, including paper, to prevent fire?

Are there sparks or signs of damage or deterioration in electrical equipment?

Do you turn off all appliances when not in use?

Stress and well-being

Are you sitting in a good posture and not 'crouching' over your desk?

Are you able to do regular stretches at your desk to avoid sore or tense muscles?

Do you have easy access to first aid equipment when needed?

Do you have a window every 15 minutes or a distant view that you can look at to give your nearsighted muscles a rest?

Slipping, tripping and danger of falling

Do you have a window every 15 minutes or a distant view that you can look at to give your nearsighted muscles a rest?

Are the corridors and hallways free from tripping hazards?

Is the floor space around the desk free of boxes, papers and wires?

Work alone

Do you know the name and number of a manager or supervisor you can easily contact?

Do you have a system for regularly "checking in" with your employer if you are not visibly online every day?

Is your home safe while you work there?

Are important folders and laptops kept safe when not in use?