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Covid 19 workplace policy templates

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Covid assessment templates are created to manage health risks and hazards in the workplace. When you conduct a covid assessment at the workplace, let the digital forms lead you step by step from identifying covid hazards, assessing risks, and reviewing and controlling measurements. Thanks to a digital forms, you can ensure 100% that your implemented measurements meet the covid restrictions created by local authorities

Digitale Templates serve as a guide when you are conducting a covid assessment within your company. With the digital templates from Lumiform you comply with all covid regulations and quickly intervene if this is not the case. With Lumiform’s inspection software, all data is stored securely, exclusively to your company and encrypted on our servers. Corrective actions are tracked, documented and attached to reports automatically. That is a huge benefit for your cleaning and safety documentation in the pandemic . You make sure there are no report gaps and you have all documents and data saved and wrapped up in one place.

Are you looking for a template that fits the official measures of a covid assessment? Take a look at our template library and download the template for you. Ensure you meet all required cleaning and safety measures to prevent the expansion of covid-19. Using Luimform as a covid assessment software will improve your workplace safety. You will be able to conduct standardized covid assessments and uncover more issues that occur in your company. When you uncover an issue, you can assign corrective actions to your teammates and solve problems together. Reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus to a minimum. Let’s fight the pandemic together with our covid assessment templates!