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Daily Production Check Sheet

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Daily Production Check Sheet


Goods Received Checks

Product and vehicle temperature should be less than 5 degrees +/- 3 degrees to allow for external probing. Packaging should be sealed and show no signs of damage or pest ingress.
Have goods been inspected when delivered ?
Corrective action carried out:
Did all goods meet the required standards ?
Corrective action carried out:

Equipment and cleaning standards

All blades should be confirmed as intact prior to use. Work surfaces should be checked for excessive wear and cleaning standards.
Has a visual inspection of the cleaning standards been carried out ?
Corrective action carried out:
Has the integrity of the equipment to be used been verified ?
Corrective action carried out:

Product verification checks

Please record the details of the product being processed :
Chiller store temperature:
Product pre-processing temperature:
Are there any signs of foreign body ingress ?
Corrective action carried out:
Temperature of product after processing:

Packaging and labelling

Has packaging integrity been checked?
Has label detail been checked?
Does any further action need to be carried out to ensure that product safety is maintained?
Corrective action carried out:

Delivery of goods

Please confirm the cleanliness of the vehicle is acceptable !
Please confirm the delivery time has not exceeded 2 hours !
Please record the temperature of the product upon delivery :
Are the temperature and the pack integrity acceptable to ensure product safety ?
Corrective action carried out:

Verification details

I agree that all of the required criteria has been met or the corrective action has been carried out to ensure that the safety of the product has not been compromised.
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