First Aid Kit Checklist

Use this special checklist for Class B first aid kits to ensure that injuries in high-risk environments, such as welding or industrial manufacturing, are adequately treated. Check the contents of your first aid kits to ensure that the expiration dates are correct. Also check medical equipment for damage and defects. Use Lumiform's powerful planning feature to ensure you don't miss the next inspection of your first aid kit.

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First Aid Kit Checklist

Conforming bandages (5.0cm)

Conforming bandages (7.5cm)

Buffered Saline Solution (15ml)

S/S forceps

S/S Scissors

Disposable splinter probes (5-pack)

First aid pamphlet

Micropore (2.5cm)

Combine Pads (20 x 9cm)

Combine pads (10 x 9cm)

Plastic strips (24 pack)

Triangular Bandages (made of material)

Burn cream satchets (12)

Rapaid satchets (12)

Telfa pads (5.0 x 7.5cm)

Telfa pad (7.5 x 10cm)

Eye pads

Pack of steri-strip singles

Eye bath

Eye dust remover


Betadine swabs

Burnaid pads (10 x 10)

Resuscitation mask

Chloroex/cet (30ml)

Safety pins

Elastic strips (50 pack)

Hospital crepe bandage (10.0cm)

Hospital crepe bandage (5.0cm)

Hospital crepe bandage (2.5cm)

Number 15 wound dressing

Refresh eyes solution

Betadine 100 ml

Emergency blanket

Cotton swabs (100)

Plastic bag


treatment for bites and stings

Sharps waste container

Instant cold pack

Gauze swabs (7.5 x 7.5 cm)

Leukoplast tape (2.5cm)

Heavy crepe bandage (7.5cm)