Gym Inspection

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Gym Inspection

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1.Fixed Electrical Wiring inspection and testing up to date

2.Portable electrical equipment (anything with a plug on)

3.Gas Boiler (If there is one onsite)

4.Fire extinguishers

5.Fire alarm System service

6.Emergency Lighting

7.Asbestos Survey



9.Internal Visual Fire extinguisher checks

(check name not set)

10.Internal Fire Alarm test

11.Internal Emergency Lighting test

12.Internal First Aid check

13.Internal Legionella check (Flush little used outlets, confirm stable temperature is attained after 1 minute)

14.Are fire evacuation drills being undertaken?

15.Housekeeping checks (Areas tidy, clean and well organised)


16.Are risk assessments in place?

17.Has a Fire risk assessment (FRA) being undertaken? (All actions closed out from FRA)

18.Has a Legionella Risk assessment being undertaken? (All actions closed out)

19.Have Display Screen equipment (DSE) Risk assessments being undertaken of all DSE users?

20.Are COSHH risk assessments in place?


21.Is the gym free from Physical hazards?

22.Do all personnel know the evacuation procedures?

23.Are fire exits clearly marked and unobstructed throughout the gym?

24.Data Protection Accident compliant book in place?


25.Access to the Gym is fully controlled?

26.CCTV is fully operational?

27.Minimum cash/banking is being carried out?


28.Storage facilities clean and tidy?

29.Waste disposed of correctly?

30.Exit routes kept clear?


31. Instructions and pictures covering any unusual hazards or complicated features on the equipment?

32.Have users of the equipment been given adequate training in correct use, risks and precautions? (This should be part of gym induction)

33.Is all equipment being used in appropriate locations?

34.Has all gym staff been instructed on how to instruct the public of the use of the equipment?

35.Is the equipment within visual range of a member of staff?

36.Are there clear warning notices and correct using techniques?

37.Have clear maintenance instructions been given to those responsible for maintaining the equipment?

38.Is there sufficient general, and where, necessary local lighting?

39.Are all dangerous parts of the equipment guarded?

40.Is there a readily accessible stop device that stops the machine in a safe way fitted in fully working order on all relevant machines?


44.Toilets checked hourly and recorded?

45.Staff trained in the use of the cleaning chemicals used in the toilets?


46.Health and safety law poster on display in the workplace with relevant sections filled in?

47.Is the Personal Responsibility statement on display and visible?

48.Have all team members received health and safety training and are all records kept?

49.Is the employers liability certificate displayed and in date in the gym?

Is their documented evidence that staff have signed to say they have read and understand the Health and safety policy and risk assessments?

51.Has last month’s Health and Safety audit been reviewed and has all action items been closed out?


52.Are No Smoking signs on display?

53.Is there a Health and Safety management plan in place?

54.Is there evidence of consultation with employees?

55.Has the defibrillator been tested?

58.Are there trained 1st aiders?

60.Is Manual handling risk training in place?

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