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Hazard Assessment - Initial Job Site Visit

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Rated 4.8/5 stars on Capterra
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Hazard Assessment - Initial Job Site Visit

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First aid kit on site

Employee(s) first aid trained for crew size

Emergency procedures posted and known

Emergency phone numbers posted

Safety meetings held: records kept

Safety inspections completed/recorded

Safety training

Orientations done for new hires


Fire extinguishers

Flammable materials stored properly

Smoking rules posted

Employees trained in extinguisher use


General site housekeeping

Work areas

Aisles maintained

Waste container provided

Regular disposal of trash

Nails removed from lumber


Treads safe and level

Handrails in place

Properly lighted

No tripping hazards

Personal Protective Equipment

Hard hat usage

Eye and face protection

Hand and arm protection

Fall arrest systems

Safety shoes

Hearing protection


No cracks or splits

Properly secured when in use

Regularly inspected


Guard rails and toe boards in place

Planks in good condition/secured

Proper access and egress

Wheels locked when in use

Swing staging

Properly rigged

Guardrails, toe boards and screening

Safe access and egress

Properly secured to building

Floor and Wall openings

Properly guarded with rails and toeboards

Workers protected from overhead hazards

Covers properly identified

Material handling equipment

Slings and cables in good condition

Communication adequate

Safe lifting techniques

Stable surface condition for cranes


Electric tools grounded

Powder actuated tools working properly

Operators trained and qualified


Adequate extension cord size and length

Extension cords inspected

Overhead lines

Underground installations

Explosion proof fixtures

Temporary installations



Storage of material

Road signs/speed limits



Hand tools

Proper tool being used for jobs

Stored neatly/carried safely

Inspected for wear/defects

Damaged tools tagged and removed

Concrete construction

Forms properly installed and braced

Adequate shoring, plumbed and braced

Heating devices inspected

Adequate runways/walkways

PPE provided for cement dust

Masonry work

Masonry saws properly equipped

Bracing of walls

Excavation and Trenching

Underground lines located/identifies

Shoring and sheathing as required for soil

Roads and sidewalks supported/protected

Adequate barriers and lighting at night

Materials stored away from trench edges

Equipment stored away from edges

Water controlled

Ladders or stairs provided

Equipment ramps available

Slopes not too steep

Temporary Heaters

Clear from flammables/combustibles

In good working condition

Sufficient ventilation

Demolition Work

Shoring bracing of adjacent structures

Electrical, water, sewer, steam lines cut off/locked out or tagged

Area roped off or barricaded

Proper warning signage used

Adequate ventilation/lighting

Material chutes used

Safe access provided

Overhead protection provided

Inspected by:

Site foreman: