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Hotel housekeeping checklist template

This template for the housekeeping standard operating procedure is used by compliance teams to assess whether employees comply with general standards when cleaning , for instance, ceiling lights and blinds. This SOP template for housekeeping can be used alongside our checklist for hotel housekeeping duties.

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Hotel housekeeping checklist template



This SOP outlines housekeeping services to ensure that workplaces are free of dirt and mess. This is essential for maintaining a safe working environment and preventing accidents.


This SOP supports your staff in the management of the building in the following tasks: - Cleaning the ceiling lighting - Cleaning of blinds - General office organization

Procedures for Overhead Lighting Cleaning

Required materials and tools: 1. stepladder 2. glass cleaner 3. clean cloths 4. gloves and goggles 5. vacuum cleaner
Position the step ladder under the lamp to be cleaned. Make sure that the step ladder is stable and properly maintained.
If the lamp has egg-crate diffusers, unhook them and put them aside. If, on the other hand, the diffusers are made of transparent plastic, unhook them and put them to one side.
Using the pack vacuum, vacuum the inside surface of the lamp. Put on gloves and goggles.
Warning: Avoid excessive use of water or glass.
Use the glass cleaner and a soft, clean cloth to remove dust from the inside and outside of the lamp and diffuser. Then wipe all surfaces with a cloth.
Reconnect the plastic diffuser or replace the egg crate diffuser after cleaning.

Procedures for Venetian Blinds Cleaning

Required materials and tools: - Clean cloths, - Vacuum cleaner, - Brush with soft bristles, - Two clean buckets - Gloves and safety glasses
Remove dust and dirt from the slats of the blinds, where bacteria multiply.
Adjust the blind so that the flat surface is exposed.
Vacuum the entire surface by cleaning it from left to right.
Now turn over the flat surface of the blinds and repeat the process.
Then return the blinds to their original position.
Put on gloves and safety glasses.
Clean the blinds with a clean cloth and disinfectant in a bucket by moving from top to bottom, from left to right.
Rinse the cloth regularly in clean water.
Then dry the surface of the blind with another clean cloth.
Turn the blinds over and repeat the process again.

General Office Cleaning

Required materials tools: - Clean cloths - fume cupboard sprayer - Dust wiper - Wet mop - Two buckets with wringers or pump sprayer and one bucket - Vacuum cleaner - Garbage bag
Put on your gloves and goggles.
Dust the furniture with a clean cloth, which can be treated with a dust wiper/duster if necessary.
Disinfect the telephone, door handles and file cabinets.
Clean the windows and window sills with a glass cleaner.
Empty all ashtrays.
Empty the wastebasket and replace the bin liner.
Clean all surfaces, then wipe the floor wet or vacuum if it is carpeted.


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Essential Steps for Keeping Your Property Clean: A Housekeeping SOP Checklist

The housekeeping sop checklist is an essential tool for any residential or commercial property to ensure a clean and healthy environment. It provides an organized approach to housekeeping duties and helps to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. The checklist should be used to identify areas of improvement, create a schedule for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks, and track progress.

With Lumiform you can customize the housekeeping sop checklist to the specific needs of your property and can include the specific tasks and frequency for each task. The checklist can also incorporate instructions for using cleaning supplies and equipment properly, as well as safety protocols so that your employees are well-informed about your business's cleaning standards.

Having a clear and organized checklist will help to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner and that the property is kept in a safe and clean condition. A housekeeping sop checklist is an essential tool for any residential or commercial property.

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