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Industrial health and safety template

Workplace safety is highly important for the health and well-being of your employees and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires you to have an industrial safety inspection checklist in place in order to ensure the protection of each and every one of your workers.

But it can be difficult to keep track of health and safety on top of everything else going on in a business. That is why a checklist is a perfect solution. It gives you the necessary overview to successfully record and document the going-ons in your organization and deduce steps on how to make your workplace ever safer.

On the basis of the results of an industrial inspection checklist, you can address ongoing issues plan and introduce preventive measures.

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Industrial health and safety template

General Information

Inspection Date

General Housekeeping

Are floors, aisles, stairways and fire escapes clear of any obstructions?
Is the area free of tripping hazards?
Are all areas clean?
Is furniture safely secured?
Is food being anywhere consumed where chemicals are used?
Are spills cleaned up?


Are all of the following in good condition, properly stored and used?
Safety Glasses
Safety Shoes
Face Shields
Hearing Protection
Have all employees received proper PPCE training?


Are all outlets and switches operational?
Are cables free of frayed or spliced ends?
Are cables showing exposed wires?
Do ground fault interrupters function properly?
Were electrical outlets randomly inspected with testers?

Fire Protection

Are evacuation plans posted?
Are employees familiar with fire evacuation plans and have they been practiced in the work areas?
Are fire extinguishers hung, posted, and unobstructed?
Are emergency phone numbers posted?
Are emergency exits marked and unobstructed?
Is emergency lighting available and operational?

First Aid Facilities & Equipment

Are emergency eyewash & showers available and posted?
Are eye washes flushed and checked weekly?
Are first-aid kits available?
Are first-aid providers identified?

Hazardous Material

Are hazardous materials containers stored properly?
Is hazardous material stored properly?
Is hazardous material stored properly?
Is gasoline properly stored only in approved safety cans?
Are warning signs & labels posted properly?
Are power tools properly grounded and have ground pin?
Are guards and safety features in place on machinery?
Are emergency stops labeled and checked?

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