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Internal Audit For Pest Management Suppliers

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Internal Audit For Pest Management Suppliers


Usage / activities logs up to date?

MSDS for pesticides available?

All pesticides labeled appropriately

Current floor plans / pest control maps available?

Pest sighting logs and trend data up to date?

Current scope of work / contract document

Pest sighting and trend data up to date?

Service reports are complete?

Evidence of activities have CAPA or addresses in documentation?

Current certifications / licenses?


Supplier performing routes based on scope document?

Pest control chemicals are secured / restricted?

Pest control devices placed and labeled per plan layout?

Supplier adhering to SOPs (local and supplier)?

All devices serviced weekly?

All devices labeled proper service information?

Are rodent based traps tamper-resistant and secured to the ground?

Rodent baits are in good shape and not heavily chewed / missing

Rodent burrows are eliminated from property?

No obstructed traps?

If fly lights are used are they properly positioned?

Rodent bait stations are free of decomposed rodents or other animals?


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