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Take care of your assets with an ISO 55001 asset management template

Determine if your organization can manage assets effectively and meets the criteria for ISO 55001 certification using this asset management template.

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Context of the organization
Context of the organization
Do you know which internal and external issues relevant to your organization's purpose affect your ability to carry out effective asset management?
Do you know the needs and expectations of relevant stakeholders?
Have you determined the scope of your asset management system?
Have you considered internal and external factors that could impact your asset management system?
Do you have a documented Strategic Asset Management Plan available to stakeholders?
Have you identified or considered opportunities for improving your asset management system?
Has management taken responsibility for and communicated the importance of an effective asset management system?
Have they established and communicated the policy and objectives of this asset management system?
Are everyone's roles and responsibilities in relation to your asset management system clearly defined and communicated?
Is your approach to risk management in the context of your asset management system consistent with your approach in the rest of your organization?
Is there a process for reporting progress on your asset management system to management?
Do you know the risks you need to address so your asset management system can succeed?
Have you planned actions for addressing said risks and are those actions part of system processes?
Have you prepared measurable asset management objectives and come up with a plan to achieve them?
Have you determined the method and criteria for prioritizing asset management activities?
Do you have a plan to manage your assets over their entire life cycle?
Has your organization determined and provided the resources needed in order to establish, maintain, and optimize your asset management system?
Is there a defined process for determining whether employees are competent enough to perform asset management-related roles?
Have you verified that people who affect the performance of your asset management system are competent in their roles, or provided appropriate training?
Are people with an impact on the asset management system aware of your asset management policy and consequences of disregarding it?
Is there a process that specifies to whom, when, and how you will communicate regarding your asset management system?
Have you established what information relevant to ISO 55001 and necessary to successfully implement your asset management system needs to be documented?
Do you have a system for managing, storing, distributing, and protecting your required documentation?
Have you devised and implemented a program to achieve the intended outcome of your asset management system?
Are planned changes carried out in a controlled way with consideration given to the consequences?
Are outsourced processes, if any, appropriately controlled?
Do you have a dedicated person or persons responsible for managing outsourced activities?
Do you have a defined way of sharing information with contracted service providers?
Do you monitor the performance of outsourced asset functions?
Have you verified that all parties you outsource work to are appropriately qualified?
Do those you outsource work to keep, create, and update asset management documentation?
Performance evaluation
Do you know which factors need to be monitored, who is responsible for this, and how results will be measured?
Do you report on the effectiveness of your risk management processes?
Are the results of your performance monitoring documented?
Do you conduct regular internal audits to check that your asset management system is effective and conforms to ISO 55001 as well as your organization's requirements?
Have you established a plan or process for internal asset management system audits?
Is performance management (identifying common nonconformities, analyzing result patterns, etc.) included in management review?
Do asset management reviews identify changes and areas for improvement?
Are the results of management review processes acted upon and communicated to relevant stakeholders?
Has your organization planned ways to resolve nonconformities via corrective actions?
Does top management carry out regular reviews of the asset management system?
Do the results of those reviews identify areas for change and improvement?
Have you identified actions to control and correct the consequences of nonconformities?
Have you evaluated the need for actions that address the root cause of nonconformities?
Have any of your identified actions been implemented and evaluated?
Is the nature of nonconformities and the actions taken to correct them documented?
Have you established processes that identify potential failures in asset performance?
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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