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Mobile Scaffold Tower Inspection Sheet

Regular inspection of mobile scaffolds may be vital for workers. If the scaffolding shows the damage that has not been discovered, serious accidents and even fatalities can occur. This template is designed to make it easier for inspectors to inspect and maintain mobile scaffold towers by asking for all the key inspection points in order. This allows them to ensure reliable inspection and maintenance work.

Thanks to Lumiform's mobile app, you can fill out the checklist digitally on-site at the scaffold. If you identify damages, you can report it to the responsible colleagues from your smartphone or tablet. Finally, a report is automatically created that can be sent immediately to the responsible employees.

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Mobile Scaffold Tower Inspection Sheet

General Informations

Name of Inspector

Position of Inspector

Date & Time of Inspection

Location of Tower Scaffold

Make/Type of Tower Scaffold

Tower Scaffold Identification Number

Inspection type

Inspection of Component Parts


Castor housings, wheel and tires not damaged.

Wheels rotate freely.

Castor swivels rotate properly.

Wheel brakes function properly.

Adjustable Legs

Not bent.

Threads undamaged.

Threads clean and free from debris.

Device to stop the leg from falling out of the frame checked and functioning correctly.


Frame members are straight and undamaged.

Frame members free of debris or other material.

Spigots are straight and parallel with the axis of the column tube

The devices for locking frames together have been checked and are functioning correctly.



Frames are square and true.

Decks are not split or warped.

Deck-to-frame fixings are firm.

Toeboard clips/fittings are undamaged.

Outriggers and stabilizers have been checked for damage and hooks and couplers are functioning correctly.

Pre-Use Site Checks

Is the ground firm and level

No overhead obstructions or hazards

Wind and weather conditions permit safe

Is the height to base ratio correct (check suppliers instruction manual)?

Is the mobile tower vertical and square?

Are the horizontal braces and platform level?

Are Outriggers or stabilizers correctly positioned and secured?

Are all base plates or castor wheels fully in contact with the ground, including those on stabilizers or outriggers? All castors should be properly locked.

Are all spigot and socket joint locks holding the frames together secured?

Were all bracing elements installed exactly according to the supplier's specifications?

Are all guardrails, intermediate rails and toe boards in position?

Access ladders in position and firmly located.

Barriers are in place at ground level to prevent people from walking into the tower or straying into the work area.

Suitable storage provision is made for tools and materials on the platform.


Further comments

Inspector's Signature

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