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Restaurant Walk Through Template

With our free template it has never been more easy to inspect a restaurant for cleanliness, tidiness and safety. Never forget an area, always stay up to date with health and safety codes or the OSHA kitchen health and safety guidelines.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Restaurant Walk Through Template


Front Entrance Area

Polish and clean front entrance doors

Repair wallpaper to the right of the coat check door

Clean, polish and reseal marble floor

Repair countertop in large bathroom

Repaint Bathroom Hallway

Main Dining Room

Floor protectors on all chairs

Table levelers on all tables - requires tap and die process

Buff and reseal dinning room floor

Realign bus station doors in Q3 and Q4

Clean fireplace stone on West side at the top

Touch up table tops on: 14, 13,

Clean booth and chair seats upholstery throughout dining room - minor repair needs as well for buttons

Wood trim base boards - restain

Repaint inside of doors to patio

Replace carpet in booths 51 and 81

Restain inside walls of bus stations Q3 south

Fix door on right side of the Founders Room credenza

Fix trim and restain wood on trim of the Founders Room credenza

Touch wood trim at top of Founder's room sliding doors

Restrain wood bus station in Q1

Fix base board in Q1 left

Touch up of black dining room chairs and bar stools

Realign cabinet doors in Q3 and Q4

Restain bus station front panels in Q4

Reprint wall leading into back hall to kitchen

East side of fireplace - fix, re-utilize or cover


Regrout bar top and realign bar top by North end of bar

Add wainscoting around wood cabinet on back bar

Replace copper pipe (drain) on server side of service bar

Deep clean wall area around wine storage

Steam clean wall to behind the bar

Restain or replace the wooden cabinet behind the bar

Add a kick plate under the reach in coolers behind the bar

Raise soda lines off floor for cleaning purposes

Touch up stain along the left side wood trim by left register

Hallway to kitchen

Fix base board at entrance going into the kitchen on the left side

Upper level kitchen

Repair bread hot box electrical cord

Fix wall at dishwasher - regrout and seal at return area

Resilicone entire dishwasher area

Remove wooden shelf in dish area and replace with metal

Replace tiles and coving at slop sink

Repair or replace grease trap by 3 compartment sink and raise so it can be cleaned underneath

Resilicone 3 compartments ink

Regrout flooring throughout kitchen as needed

Repair or replace two ovens in prep area (lower over on both stacks)

Fix security camera system in Chef's office

Repair handles on 6 burner stove (apps, pasta station)

Cafe Shop

Eliminate electrical cords from TV's - hide or run electrical to them

Repair and paint doors to cafe - outside

Back Hallway and Mechanical Room

Replace inside lock - gold

Replace wood with see through replacement on screen door

Replace computer on left side desk

Beer Cooler and Ice Machine area

Steam clean inside of keg cooler and shelving

Purchase and attach scoop holder for ice machine

Employee Locker Area

Replace or refurbish all employee lockers and change master lock on all

Employee Changing Rooms

Replace mirror on outside wall on left side

(check name not set)

Comida area

Large Ice Machine and Cages / Storage Areas in Tunnel

Fix lock on drawer storage - silver

Add second cooler to liquor storage cage

Pastry Kitchen

(check name not set)

Accounting Office

(check name not set)

Large office / Events office

(check name not set)

Linen Cage

(check name not set)

Garbage Room and Dock area

Repair two doors to loading ramp

Replace tires on forklift

Repair or replace power hand jack

Repair or replace manual hand jacks

(check name not set)

Concessions Carts

(check name not set)

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