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Boosting Retail Performance: A Detailed Quarterly Checklist

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Boosting Retail Performance: A Detailed Quarterly Checklist



Date and Time audit began
Name(s) of manager on duty
Name of site and bun number

1 Inspection follow up- review any reports received since the last inspection

1.1 all external audit (EHO, CMi and safety technicians) record date of last visit found in section 18 of BDD file

All actions have been completed and non compliance continues to be addressed
All corrective training has been recorded in the training shorts folder
All reports are filed in section 18 of the BDD file

1.2 pest control

Any reported issues, including house keeping reccomendations are being adequately managed and supported by additional due diligence paperwork

2 kitchen inspection

2.1 all wash basins are clean and provided with hot water (at a safe temperature) bacterial soap and paper towels/roll
2.2 verify that cleaning is satisfactory by performing a check and cross referencing t the cleaning schedules. Is everything clean and free of grease, dirt and food debris?
2.3 check the ate that the ducting was last cleaned by the contractors. Is this adequate?
2.4 is the cleaning equipment and chemicals in good condition?
2.5 is the kitchen floor safe i.e not greasy and/ or wet or damaged and any problems reported?
2.5 is there a minimum of 2 working probes and sanitised wipes available and in use?
2.6 are all foods within 'use by' or 'best before' date?
2.7 is the date coding policy being adhered to? Day dots and labels in use?
2.8 colour coded cloths and equipment is in use
2.9 plastic aprons are being used for the handling of raw foods
2.10 are the team wearing the correct and clean uniforms adhering to the jewellery policy?
2.11 Observe the teams personal hygiene practices. Are they of a satisfactory standard?
2.12 Ask a team member a food safety related question: record response and any required actions

3 due diligence documentation

3.1 all documents completed and up to date?
Manager checks have adequate detail with appropriate follow up?
Wk1 review is complete and auctioned by manager?
3.2 is validation for all food safety level 2 training completed?
3.3 if applicable, are in house recipes documentated as per HACCP requirements?


Signature of Auditor
Signature or person in charge
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