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Scissor Lift Inspection Checklist

Ensure machine longevity and worker safety by employing a checklist to inspect your scissor lifts. This way you can document your inspections, determine potential maintenance steps and raise awareness for general safety procedures.

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Scissor Lift Inspection Checklist

Scissor Lift Inspection Checklist

Operating and Emergency Controls

Steering and components are operating properly

Check booms and cylinder for proper working order

Check if operating and emergency controls are free of: excessive dirt, grease or foreign matter

Safety Devices

Hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe boots, harness, and lanyard are worn (if required)

Platform floor is in good order

Housekeeping is observed on the platform floor

Pothole protection is in proper working condition

Fire extinguishers are in place and inspected regularly

Tires and Wheels

Tires are free of excessive wear, cuts, and proper inflation

Wheels are free of cracks and damage (bent rims, etc.)

Lug nuts installed and secured

Air, Hydraulic, and Fuel System Leaks

Check for leaks, hose chafing and cracking, kinking, or binding.

Check for proper service levels

Loose or Missing Parts

Check for loose or missing parts at the boom, assemblies, and platform

Battery, Cable, and Wiring Harness

Check for proper installation

Check if in good working condition

Free of excessive dirt, grease, or foreign matter

Free of loose wire connectors, damaged electrical cables, chafing, kinking, or binding of electrical cables or wires

Placards, Warning, Control Marking and Operating Manual

The capacity label is legible

All warning and equipment control markings for proper operation is legible and attached

Operating and Responsibilities Manuals are installed on the lift and are legible

Manuals are stored in a weatherproof container and the container is easily identifiable

Guardrail System

Check for cracked welds, cracked metal, distorted components, broken structures, sign of metal fatigue

Lanyard attachment points are in good condition

Lanyard attachment points are near the bottom of the basket in the corners

Equipment Task Function Operation

Lower controls operate properly

Platform controls operate properly


No signs of hazards such as: drop off, holes, bumps, debris, overhead obstructions, high voltage areas or over headlines, high winds or bad weather, inadequate ground support, inadequate ventilation, hazardous atmosphere, other



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