Vehicle Equipment List

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Vehicle Equipment List

Pick-ups, (non-DOT)

2 1/2 lb. BC rated fire extinguisher (with annual inspection)

Approved first aid kit

Approved spill kit

MSDS/Label book (current)

Copy of truck registration

Insurance card

3 each 18" orange traffic cones (minimum)

Class 3, lime green vest for each employee

Approved hard hat for each employee (white)

Approved safety glasses for each employee

Approved work boot/shoes (no tennis shoes)

High intensity strobe light (minimum of 1)

Plastic mixing cups

Nitrile rubber gloves

Long sleeve uniform shirts, with long pants

Shovel or hoe for spills and/or TGR basal drench applications

JSA sheets

Spray sheets

GPS unit

Body harness w/lanyard for spray cage (high volume foliage)

Company required decals (logo's unit#, reflective stripe, frequent stops, business# decal, circle for safety)

DOT vehicles require the additional (F-350 or larger)

5 lb. BC rated fire extinguisher (minimum, with annual inspection)

Pre/post trip completed and documented daily (truck and trailer)

Driver time logs (completed and documented) Water/Tractor/Roadside Trucks Only

Copy of annual inspection (truck and trailer)

Copy of registration (truck and trailer)

Copy of cab card insurance. Water/Tractor/Roadside Trucks Only

Copy of state stamps (Oklahoma) Water/Trailer/Roadside Trucks Only

Turnbuckle type binders and minimum rating #7 chains (5 point bind minimum)

Reflective triangles (minimum of 3)

Roadside warning signs and flags (Texas)

IFTA decals on each side of cab (current year) Water Trucks Only

Vehicle decals. City/State, DOT#, plus the above listed