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What is process improvement?

Grow your business steadily and sustainably by understanding how to implement process improvement. Correct inefficient ways of working and improve production with workflow automation

Process improvement is what businesses call making incremental edits to their workflows and structures in order to cut out waste and use time as effectively as possible. It’s closely related to continuous improvement and often follows lean manufacturing guidelines.

Like continuous improvement, process improvement looks as business processes as sequences of small task which can each be optimized in turn. These optimizations have three main focuses:

  • Saving time
  • Saving money
  • Adding customer value

The benefit of process improvement from a growth standpoint is that it can be applied to almost any business function. That means business process improvement is a sustainable way to scale your business. This video will show you:

  • Benefits of process improvement
  • How to prioritize processes for optimization
  • How to boost performance through workflow automation
Business process improvement defined and explained
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