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An appraiser is a person who has extensive and specialized knowledge and carries out appraisals.

What Is an Appraiser?

An appraiser is a person who has acquired complex expertise in a particular field. The term appraiser refers to a professional who is an expert in a particular field.

In public authorities and in the court system, the term appraiser is used for the expert’s role, since this term also dominates the position in legal texts. In private linguistic usage, the term of appraiser has established itself.

What Are the Appraiser’s Main Tasks?

One of the primary tasks of appraisers is preparing a comprehensive and high-quality appraisal of a specific field of activity. In addition to authorities and courts, private individuals can also take appraiser support to explain controversial aspects. For example, before buying real estate, the object should be checked for serious defects and damages by an external appraiser. The older objects are, the more intensively and regularly they should be appraised. A comprehensive expert opinion can be decided whether the demanded price is justified or not.

The skill of an appraisal is not only to have the expertise and formulate an assessment but also to justify and explain it as factually as possible. At the same time, appraisers need to address issues, provide clarity, and uncover problems. Clarity must be brought to any issue in dispute, and no new questions should arise.

Different Types of Appraisers

Basically, there are two different types of appraisers that have been established in the market. For instance, there are:

  • 1. Free appraisers, who have proclaimed themselves an appraiser.
  • 2. EU-certified or state-approved appraisers, who have been officially certified or audited.

Which appraiser is best suited in a specific individual case depends on the expert’s knowledge. Depending on the industry and sector, various appraisers are specialized in a particular field. For instance, in the case of quality issues in the crafts sector, a master craftsperson with the required expertise should be consulted for the appraisal.

How to Become an Appraiser?

In addition to the expertise and experience that play a crucial role in the expert witnesses’ daily work, the ability to prepare and defend an expert opinion of high quality is essential. Thus, appraisers must be able to correctly assess and evaluate facts and write and explain them in such a way that everyone can understand the appraisal. Meanwhile, there are specialized training paths that ensure that technical and methodological basics can be learned.

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