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Inspectors perform audits in companies by questioning, observing, and listening.

What Tasks Does an Inspector Perform?

Inspectors conduct audits and often have to deal constructively with unfavorable conditions. An inspector conducts audits by questioning, observing and listening. In this way, the current state of the company can be identified. At the same time, the development opportunities as well as the proper compliance with specifications inspectors support managers and employees in the audit process with the aim of achieving the set goal.

Tasks in the Audit Process

The tasks in a management system audit are diverse and complex. There is a requirement to analyze and question processes and activities and to positively influence their quality. Accordingly, an inspector does not only checks the actual state, but also examines possible correlations to understand causes.

Honesty, diligence, accountability and impartiality are particularly important for the successful performance of audits. All results and findings of an audit must be truthfully and thoroughly detailed in a report.

1. Tasks in the Audit Process

Inspectors perform the following tasks in the audit process. They:

  • plan and control the audit program,
  • implement the audit assignment,
  • test processes for suitability and efficiency,
  • are experts with specialist knowledge.

2. Fields of Application of Inspectors

An inspector:

  • inspects internally, in a company (1st party),
  • checks suppliers or at customers processes (2nd Party),
  • inspects as a consultant or for a certification company (3rd Party)

Internal Inspectors

Internal inspectors are appointed by their own management. In this context, they are responsible for planning, implementation and follow-up of internal audits. In doing so, the internal inspector takes over the following tasks:

  1. Preparation of an audit plan
  2. Document verification
  3. Preparation of an internal auditing checklist
  4. Contacting the department to be inspected
  5. Audit meeting including presentation of the audit plan
  6. Implementation of audit activities
  7. Final meeting / conclusion
  8. Action follow-up
  9. Preparation of audit report
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