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Poka Yoke System

Poka Yoke systems improve your manufacturing processes and reduce the errors involved in product use; there are several types that businesses in any manufacuring sector can benefit from

Max Elias
by Max Elias | May 26, 2023 | Reading time: 1 minute

What is the Poka Yoke system?

The Poka Yoke system is a means of avoiding product defects and reducing errors in manufacturing. It was developed by Japanese engineer Shigeo Shingo; yet it is still useful to businesses in many industries, as long as there is manufacturing involved. The core of the Poka Yoke system is an understanding that people will make mistakes, and so instead of criticizing them, you should focus on lessening the impact of those mistakes.

Implementing Poka Yoke is valuable and can streamline production, but before you begin using it, understand that there are two main types of Poka Yoke. They are:

Using a Poka Yoke system in your business improves the quality of products by alerting you to defects. It also saves you time and money on post-production repairs. Finally, Poka Yoke systems help to avoid human error, which creates an easier relationship between employees and supervisors.

How can you implement Poka Yoke?

You can introduce Poka Yoke principles in your products by designing them in such a way that human errors become obvious and are easily avoided. Some example of this are>

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