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5S in the Workplace

You can use this 5S in the Workplace Checklist to identify the objects that need to be replaced from the workplace. This inspection form will assist you to identify old, broken or unnecessary workbenches, shelves, chairs, lockers, and other things that are not necessary for projects. It helps to ensure the allocation of time and resources for all employees to take part in 5S activities.
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Only the necessary equipment is present in the area. All obsolete, broken or unnecessary material not required for current projects are removed from the field or red tagged for removal.
Only the necessary devices are present in the area. Tools not necessary for on-going projects are displaced or red tagged for removal.
Only the necessary furniture is in the area. All old, broken or unnecessary workbenches, shelves, chairs, lockers, etc. not necessary for on-going projects are removed from the area or red-tagged for removal.
Only the necessary spare parts and materials are in the workspace. Things not required for on-going projects are removed from the area or red tagged for removal.
Only the necessary report is in the area. Outdated or unrequired memos, instructions, reports, posters, etc. are removed from the area.
All tripping hazards such as electrical cables and equipment wires are removed from all working, standing, and walking areas.
Tools/machinery is clearly identified (numbered, named, colour-coded, etc.) and placed in a properly identified location. Critical sustainance points are clearly identified.
The equipment has a designated storage area that is within reach of the user/operator. The location is properly labelled and a system is in place to identify devices that are absent.
When applicable, furniture is clearly identified (numbered, named, colour-coded, etc.) and stored in a properly identified location.
Locations for containers, WIP's, boxes, etc. are clearly defined via signs or marked/taped lines and they are properly labelled.
Paperwork is properly labelled and has a clearly identified places that are away from work surfaces.
Work areas needing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are clearly labelled or marked (floor tape, safety signs/labels, etc.)
Stop switches and breakers are highly visible and places for easy access in case of emergency.
Fire extinguishers, and other emergency equipment are prominently displayed and are unobstructed.
Floors/paths are clearly shown; forklift lanes, exits, dangerous areas, paths of egress, walkways, aisles, etc. are all marked with visible lines (floor tape/floor paint).
Working conditions are ergonomically friendly. Tools and other objects needed for daily work are stored at appropriate heights, anti-fatigue mats are in a place where applicable, related safety signage is displayed clearly, etc.
The workplace layout accommodates unobstructed exits in case of an emergency. The emergency exit way is posted in a conspicuous location for everyone to see.
Tools, equipment, paperwork, etc. is deposited neatly in designated areas and are returned to their proper places directly after use.
Areas for improvement classified during the previous audit have been addressed and fulfilled.
Product waste (shavings, containers, liquids, wrappers, etc.) is consistently and regularly cleaned up and displaced from the workplace.
Preventative measures have been implemented to assure the workplace suits the 5S guidelines:
The work environment satisfies the requirements of the work performed (Lighting brightness and colour, temperature, airflow, and quality, etc.).
The outcomes of the previous audit are presented and clearly visible for the entire team.
Material maintenance records are visible for everyone and clearly state when maintenance last occurred.
Someone from the management has participated in a 5S activity such as an inspection or other activity within the past 3 audit periods.
Recognition is given to those teams who got involved in 5S activities.
Time and resources are allocated to 5S activities.
All operators, team leaders, supervisors, etc. are attributed to 5S activities to be performed at least once a week.
The team took the initiative to make enhancements to the workplace that were not known during the last audit.
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.