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Daily Retail Store Reporting

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Daily Retail Store Reporting

Deposit Cash:

Deposit Credit:

Deposit Total:

Total Tax:



Vouchers/Gloria Daniels:

Mission House:

JJ Voucher:

Pride Voucher :

River Regions:

Gift Certificate/ Other:

Gift Cards:


Voids total $ amount:

Returns total $ amount:

Total amount of held orders:

Store Inventory

Hang Count:

Pull Count:

Donor Count:


Pile Size:

Dandux Empty:

Dandux Sorted:

Dandux Unsorted:

Gaylords Unsorted:

Dandux Trash:

Dandux Salvage:


Totes Empty:

Totes Inventory:

Furniture Salvage:

Salvage Bundles:

Unscanned Book Totes:

Accepted Book Totes

Shop Goodwill Totes:

Shop Goodwill Dandux:

Donor Count


DC Name:

Prepared By