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Store Standards Checklist

Store security is of the utmost importance, not only for your staff but also for your potential customers. By following the guidelines of this store inspection checklist, you can make sure that your store is both safe and secure.

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Branch Presentation:External
Exterior signage fully working( shutters clean and free from dust)
Front of house, exterior windows clean inside and out
External flooring/approach clean
Window backs clean and all lighting in working order
Jewellery windows displayed in line with VM guidelines. And are all displays full, clean, priced and product free from marks?
Watch windows displayed in line with VM guidelines and are all displays full clean and ticketed and products free from marks?
POS & trading messages displayed the correct locations as per guidelines
Window displays to your planogram(store layout)
Branch Presentation: Internal
Interior signage fully working and clean?
Counter glass/mirrors clean, and dust free?
Work tops free from clutter, floors clean and vacuumed, and dust free?
Watch counters displayed in line with VM guidelines and full, clean, priced and ticketed with no marks on product?
Jewellery counters displayed in line with VM guidelines and full, clean, priced and ticketed with no marks on product?
POS & trading message displayed in the correct locations as per guidelines with the correct duratrans and product messages on Goldsmiths brand, watch brands and Goldsmiths services?
Counter displayed to your planogram (review layout with manager)
Customer experience area, clean & tidy and set up to serve the correct range of drinks?
Opening times, refund policy, WEE policy, and Hallmark Act displayed in store ?
Back Of House
Staffroom, toilet to an external customer standard. Cleaning schedule in place and all areas fresh & clutter free?
Are lockers available for all staff and locked and correctly used?
Storage areas/box room organised and accessible ladders available for high shelves?
Workbench clean, tidy, with the correct tools - Screwdrivers all bladed and a full set of necessary tools available?
Office clean, organised in line with company guidelines?
Company Vision, Values and Pillars displayed and can the team communicate clearly their understanding of the vision and values and what it means to them?
Weekly Operations
Have watch unit counts been carried out and are they correct?
High value overstock stored in line with the stock care charter ( boxes should all be ticketed and stored with guarantees attached)
Reserved checked and all excess stock out on display?
Security leads on watches in line with audit - one lead per watch, if no leads available remove stock from display
Window backs double locked/ All locks working and locked - If not, has this been reported?
Security rules being adhered to by all staff?
Safe locked (keys stored)
HVC physically completed weekly within 7 days, and not over with management checks recorded and counter signed?
Search policy log up to date/visitors log - review log against schedule
Dress code in line with company standard. -Exemplary 5 marks -Company standard 2 marks -Below standard zero marks
Evidence of Daily Briefing taking place including key communications being shared with team. (5 marks) and communicated to all shifts? Brief must include: - Staff and store targets - Focus for the day - Training/behaviour focus for the day - NSM/AM updates - AurumNet Daily Comms and Latest News -Best practice 5 marks -Company Standard 2 marks -Below Standard zero
Notice boards to plan including Target boards up to date, focus boards, personal sales boards and Incentives relevant etc. -Best practice 5 marks -Company Standard 2 marks -Below Standard zero marks
Is there correct Rotas in place demonstrating commercial set up using footfall data (if available)and ideal balance of key time and full time team members?
Has a deposit and repair PI been carried out monthly and all issues resolved?
Has all brands been PI including zero PI's?
Check approval stock in relevant
Has all right off and or stock repairs been actioned correctly?
Random check on 5 watches to check for damage, correct ticketing and do they have the correct box, instructions and guarantee?
Security notices displayed?
CCTV working and is the clock set to the right time?
Health and Safety
Fire exits clear & whole team aware of evacuation processs?
Buffer - Goggles/masks/gloves/trained users only?
H&S Manual accessible and poster on display; team aware of accident reporting procedures?
Are daily team briefs bring stored for review?
Is there correct Rotas in place demonstrating commercial set up using footfall data (if available)and ideal balance of key time and full time team members?
Team 121's completed monthly with goals set for coming period
Is there a training plan in place for the store and is it up to date to include Academy and lead Swiss brand training up to date to the store plan?
Summary and Actions
Shift managers signature
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Maintain your store safe for employees and customers with a store inspection checklist

Your store business must always be secure for both staff and customers. Maintaining a safe atmosphere for potential clients will help you avoid expensive accidents and perhaps lower liability.

Make sure to use this store inspection checklist to make sure that everything is in order at your business. This store inspection checklist will help you identify potential issues and address them quickly. By doing so, you can ensure a safe environment for all involved – from the people working inside the store to the customers who visit it.

Having a store inspection checklist is essential to ensure that everything inside your business is running smoothly. The checklist should include items like checking to see that the employees are following all instructions and dress codes, making sure there are no hazards in the workplace, and more. By keeping an eye on these things, you can ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible.

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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