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Hazardous Area Verification Dossier Audit

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Hazardous Area Verification Dossier Audit


Site Name:

Today's Date

Is there a Hazardous Area Verification Dossier ?

Is it available on site?

Have you read it ?

What year was classification completed last

Are the standards the Dossier were written to still current?

Has there been amendments?

Has the Dossier been changed to reflect changes

Does the dossier include-

Cover sheet?

Purpose and function

Classification Principles and Methods

Dust characteristics of material handled

Does it include all dust types handled on the site?

Data required

Minimum Dust Layer Ignition Temperature (Degrees Celsius)

Minimum Dust Cloud Ignition Temperature (Degrees Celsius)

Temperature Class (T-Rating)

Minimum Dust Cloud Ignition Energy (mJ)

Combustibility Rating (BZ)

Conductive/Non Conductive Dust

Explosion Rating (St)

Definitions to results

Does the Dossier contain all required info about Dust Characteristics?

Classification report sheets

Are the results of the report sheets well defined

Do all areas have classification report sheets?

Report sheet requirements

People who classified

Site address, Installation Name, Location Description, Date

Area defined?

Source of release

Enclosure or Room confinement

Dust Layer (Present to time of classification)

Housekeeping (visible during classification)

Zone Classification Of Area

Extent of zone (in comment form)

Dust Layer Identification

Additional Comments/Details

Does classification report include all its requirements?

Are there Classification drawings included or linked?

If linked Where?

Have drawings been sited

Drawing must include

Equipment location by number

Temperature ratings of areas

Areas identified by zone hatching As per clause ? As/Nzs 60079.14


Does drawing include all required info?

Has all equipment used been identified?

Required equipment info

Manufactures part number?

Ex certificate number

Are risk assessments done for non compliant equipment?

Are risk assessment attached or linked?

Are certificates included or linked?

Certificates must be IECEx , AUSEx or ANZEx

Certificated number?

Date of expiry ?

Equipment location?

Equipment description?

Are they assigned a dossier equipment number?

Does it include all required info?

Does dossier include an intrinsic system?

Are intrinsic systems recorded?

Has there been any maintenance

Have records been included?

Year of last maintenance

Have there been any audits or inspections?

Have records been included?

Year of last inspection

Are circuits identified and mapped

Have there been changes to circuits or new circuits run?

Audit has been carried out to the best of my ability to Queensland Electrical Safety Act 2002, AsNzs 3000:2007 for Dust Hazardous areas. This audit is of the dossier only and does look at installation or equipment selection.

Electrical licence number-

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