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Daily Safety Inspection on the Construction Site

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Daily Safety Inspection on the Construction Site


Personal Protective Equipment

All applicable and appropriate PPE is being worn

Correct clothing is being worn

PPE and clothing is being worn correctly

Is the PPE and clothing effective and adequate

Tools & Equipment

Correct tools are being used for the job

Tools are in good condition

Tools are being used correctly

Position of People

Persons are not in the line of fire

Persons cannot be caught or struck by a moving load

Body parts are clear of hit and pinch points

Three points of contact are used at all times

Persons are not cramped or over extended for long periods

Bends at the knees when lifting and handling loads

Load is kept close to the body and has a straight spine

Mechanical lifting aids used where possible

Permits & Isolations

Isolations have been performed correctly

The correct permit(s) are in place for the work

Documented Systems of Work

Persons follow Safe Working and Operating Procedures

A JHA has been completed for the job

All team members have read and signed the JHA

A Take 5 was carried out before the work commenced

Correct procedures are being followed

Vehicles / Plant Operation

Pre-start checks have been carried out

Seat belts are being worn

Road and driving rules are being followed

Mobile phones are not being used while driving

Vehicles reverse parked in designated parking area


The work area is clean and tidy

The work area is free of trips, slip and fall hazards

Spills are cleaned up immediately

The work area is barricaded and sign posted as required

Dust control/suppression is in place


All persons have the training, skill and VOCs for their tasks

All persons demonstrate that they are competent

Health & Fitness for Work

Drinking water is available

Water bottles are provided and used on site

Person's head nodding

Person excessive yawning

Person's speech slurred

Person has taken designated breaks

Job Planning & Supervision

The job has been well planned and organised and interfaces with others is well managed

Communication signals (hand, audio, etc.) are clear and understood by all persons (workgroup, spotter, operator, etc.)

Hazard Identification

All hazards have been identified and controlled and the work area is safe

At Risk Behaviours Observed

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Safe Behaviours Observed

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