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Find areas to improve with an energy audit checklist for office buildings

An Energy Audit Checklist for Office Buildings is a comprehensive list of items to be inspected to identify energy-saving opportunities. It covers areas like lighting, HVAC, windows, building envelope, and other building systems to help identify potential energy-saving opportunities. It also provides guidance on how to implement the identified opportunities.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Find areas to improve with an energy audit checklist for office buildings


Guide Office Type

Natural Ventilation Cellular
Natural Ventilation Open Plan
Air conditioned Standard
Air Conditioned Prestige

Total floor area

Total floor area known
Is there an EPC available
Total floor area estimated

Business Hours

Are business hours standard, if no please enter extended hours

Building Fabric

Are windows single glazed
Are windows double glazed
Are windows triple glazed
Is there loft insulation
Is there cavity insulation
Is the building fabric in good condition


Is there a gas boiler on site Please enter type, model and size if known
Is there other forms of gas heating on site, please enter details below
Is there air conditioning
Does the combined power of the A/C exceed 12kW
Is there a TM44 inspection available
Are there heating/cooling controls
Are all controls set correctly
Is HVAC plant in good condition and regularly maintained


Is there outside floodlighting
Is outside lighting adequately controlled
Is Florescent lighting used internally
Are there T12 tubes
Are there T8 tubes
Are tubes T5 or CFL
Are there tungsten filament lamps
Are there halogen lamps
Are there LED fittings
Does lighting have adequate controls

Utility Information

Is there a gas meter on site Please enter number of meters and MPRN if known and reading
Are there electricity meters on site Please enter number of meters and MPANs with readings
Are the electricity meters HH or AMR
Are meters entered on Bam Smart
Is energy supply via EDF
Is there a water meter on site Please enter number of meters and readings

Prioritised Concerns

Are there any prioritised concerns


Carry out DEC
Install double/secondary glazing
Install insulation
Repairs to fabric
Replace boiler plant
Set / replace or install heating controls
Repair / maintain A/C plant
Carry out TM44 inspection
Set / replace or install A/C controls
Replace T12 tubes with T8 or T5
Replace T8 tubes with T5 or LED
Replace tungsten lamps with CFL
Replace Halogen lamps with LED
Install lighting control
Install AMR
Register meters on Bam Smart
Change supplier to EDF
Locate or install water meter
Ensure equipment is switched off at night and weekends
Fit timers to non essential equipment
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An energy audit checklist for an office building can help identify ways to reduce energy use and save money. It is a tool used to evaluate the efficiency of the building’s energy systems, such as heating and cooling, lighting, and electrical systems. The checklist includes questions about the building’s construction, insulation, weatherization, and ventilation, as well as the lighting, cooling, and heating systems. The audit also evaluates the building’s energy-saving habits, such as turning off lights and equipment when not in use. By completing an energy audit, building owners can identify areas where energy is wasted, determine the most cost-effective solutions, and create an energy-saving plan to reduce their building’s energy use and save money.

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