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Jobsite Inspection Form

Construction in and of itself is dangerous work. A construction site, on the other hand, has too many dangers to count. That’s why industry professionals use a jobsite safety inspection form to assess the premises for any hazards that could potentially harm workers. Material safety data sheets are often used alongside these safety forms to enhance documentation and the likelihood that these issues will not be overlooked. In this checklist, you’ll address the following sectors for safety concerns:

  • • Hazard assessment
  • • Emergency response
  • • Work areas and facilities
  • • Personal protective equipment
  • • Tools and equipment
  • • Fall protection
  • • Eletecrical systems
  • • Ladders
  • • Scaffolds
  • • Chemical safety
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1.0 - Hazard Assessment
1.1 - Field level hazard assessments completed?
1.2 - All controls in place?
2.0 - Emergency Response
2.1 - Evacuation plan displayed?
2.2 - Extinguishers in place and clearly marked for type of fire?
2.3 - First aid kits available and stocked?
2.4 - Extinguishers inspected?
2.5 - Extinguishers clear of obstructions?
2.6 - Eyewash stations available and fully stocked?
2.7 - Adequate first aid responders on site?
2.8 - Are the muster points identified?
3.0 - Work Area and Facilities
3.1 - Adequate lighting in the work area?
3.2 - Exits clear of obstructions?
3.3 - Floor surfaces even and uncluttered?
3.4 - Waste bins located at suitable points around the site?
3.5 - Waste bins emptied regularly?
3.6 - Is the smoking policy being followed?
3.7 - Are all handrails installed where required and in good condition?
3.8 - Company policies and company rules posted?
3.9 - Are all compressed gases stored properly?
3.10 - Are all fuels/flammable materials stored properly?
3.11 - Stairways unobstructed?
3.12 - Washrooms in working and sanitary order?
3.13 - Are all excavations and openings properly guarded by barricades or coverings?
3.14 - Have all overhead and grade level hazards been controlled?
4.0 - Personal Protective Equipment
4.1 - Is basic PPE being worn?
4.2 - Is the PPE in good condition?
4.4 - Is the specialty PPE being used correctly?
4.5 - Is additional PPE being used as required?
5.0 - Tools and Equipment
5.1 - All tools in good working order?
5.2 - All tools and equipment being used as designed?
5.3 - No damaged hand tools in use?
5.4 - No damaged power tools in use?
5.5 - Tools and equipment being stored properly?
5.6 - Have all defective tools been identified and removed from service?
5.7 - Have all tools and equipment been inspected?
5.8 - Operators trained/competent in the operation of the tools or equipment?
5.9 - All guards in place and in good condition?
6.0 - Fall Protection
6.1 - Is fall protection being worn correctly?
6.2 - Are workers trained in the use, care, maintenance, and storage of fall protection?
6.3 - Is a fall protection plan available?
6.4 - Is an adequate fall protection system in place?
6.5 - Are adequate anchors being used?
7.0 - Electrical Systems
7.1 - Are GFIs installed?
7.2 - Are all power cords in good condition?
7.3 - Are all power cords being run in a safe manner?
7.4 - Are all LOTO requirements being met?
8.0 Ladders
8.1 - Are ladders set up properly?
8.2 - Are ladders in good condition?
8.3 - If used for electrical work, are they non conductive? (Wood or fiber glass.)
8.4 - For extension ladders, are ropes, pulleys, and treads in a good state of repair?
9.0 - Scaffolds
9.1 - Are all scaffolds tagged, signed, and dated?
9.2 - Edited by a trained/competent person?
9.3 - Adequate mudsills installed?
9.4 - Adequate ties ins?
9.5 - Scaffold plump and level?
9.6 - Are weight limitations being followed?
9.7 - Acceptable safe access installed?
9.8 - Adequate fall protection by handrails or decking installed?
10.0 - Chemical Safety
10.1 - Is Material Safety Data Sheets available for all chemicals?
10.2 - Are all chemicals being stored properly?
10.3 - Are workers trained in the use of hazardous substances?
10.4 - Are all containers labelled correctly?
10.5 - Is all required PPE being worn for the chemicals being used?
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.